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  1. Hookah Smoking Tips

    Hookah Smoking Tips

    FAQ of hookah smoking and care tips from the Fumari team.
  2. Hookah Etiquette

    Hookah Etiquette

    The Hookah, for centuries, has been about sharing the good times with good Friends.
  3. Hookah History

    Hookah History

    Hookahs are known around the world by many different names, such as a water pipe...
  4. Charcoal Buying Guide

    Charcoal Buying Guide

    What is the proper proportion of Fumari hookah charcoal I should order?
  5. Hookah Buying Guide

    Hookah Buying Guide

    So you're ready to purchase a hookah of your very own. But where do you start? We're here to answer all your questions. What is the difference between a brass and a stainless steel stem? Stainless steel is shinier and lighter compared to a brass stem, and they are usually recommended for home use.  Brass pipes are more commonly used...
  6. Hookah How-To

    Hookah How-To

    How The Hookah Works...

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