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Hookah Master Mix Series: Holly-Berry

Hookah Master Mix Series: Holly-Berry

20th Dec 2021

Hookah Battle Hall-Of-Famer Bayram Aliyev is back with a hookah mix to make you feel all Holly and Jolly any time of year - Holly-Berry! A unique play on a Russian holiday dessert favorite fit for everyone’s hookah!

“This mix has shinning notes of sweet and sour berry with a creamy coconut and citrusy bite on the exhale, the aroma is perfect for the holidays”. There’s “snow” way we could have passed this one up. Cheers!

How to make a hookah bowl mix of Holly-Berry:

  • Grab a Phunnel bowl
  • Prepare the portions of each flavor: 50% Blueberry Muffin, 25% Caribbean Colada, 25% Citrus Tea
  • Using a standard Fumari Fluff Pack
  • Add each flavor side-by-side in the bowl
  • Use a fork to level out the tobacco and touch up your pack
  • Keep it 1-2mm below the rim
  • Add a slightly warmed heat management device with 3-4 coconut coals
  • Let the bowl warm-up for a 3-4 minutes
  • Your hookah is ready to smoke

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