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It started in 1997 with the idea to introduce an old Mediterranean tradition to the heart of San Diego. That’s when Fumari opened San Diego's first-ever hookah lounge. Only difference, Fumari left the past behind and set forth to make the hookah experience better. By innovating flavors, providing unmatched quality and setting the standard in service, Fumari has created a loyal following from every corner of the globe. Fumari's wholesale program supports distributors in providing their customers nothing short of the best hookah tobacco and products. It's guaranteed.

  • Wholesale Support

    WHOLESALE SUPPORT At Fumari, we're proud to provide the highest level of customer support. We also accommodate our wholesale customers with promotions, promotional items, point of sale aids, and the latest on new market developments.

  • Product Quality

    PRODUCT QUALITY & INNOVATION Our tobacco is made in small batches for optimal freshness and consistency. Each product we offer is also tested for customer satisfaction. We’re continually creating new flavors and improving our product line.

  • Growth In Demand

    GROWTH IN DEMAND Fumari is a leading name in the premium hookah tobacco segment with increasing sales year-over-year.

  • Global Netwoerk

    GLOBAL NETWORK Today you can find Fumari in over 25 countries around the globe and we’re expanding daily.

Taste Tested


Each product we offer is thoroughly tested by our international team of hookah experts, for: 

  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Durability
  • Longevity


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