Official Fumari Hookah Flavors

We have recently become aware that a number of counterfeit Fumari hookah tobacco flavors have been appearing on the market worldwide.

Counterfeiting is the practice of illegally manufacturing and selling products with the intent to deceive consumers. Simply put, counterfeit products are fake replicas of real products. These counterfeits have become very similar in appearance to authentic Fumari products by bearing the same marks and packaging. Counterfeit products lack the quality, research and development, and rigorous safety testing that we invest in our products. In fact, counterfeit products may contain ingredients that are banned or at levels that can be hazardous to consumers. Below is a current list of official hookah tobacco flavors produced by Fumari both in the United States and internationally.


Official Fumari Flavors

Aloha Mango


Apple Mint*

Banana Custard


Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry N'ice

Caramel Kiss

Caribbean Colada (Piña Colada*)

Cinnamon Latte (Int'l Only)

Citrus Mint

Citrus Tea

Double Apple

Fakh N' Mint


French Vanilla



Island Papaya



Lemon Loaf

Lemon Mint


Mandarin Zest



Mint Chocolate Chill


Mojito Mojo



Orange Cream

Passion Fruit*

Passionfruit Sangria


Prickly Pear

Purple Grape


Razzberry Bliss

Razzberry Swirl (Int'l Only)

RGB (formerly Red Gummi Bear)

Sahlep (Int'l Only)

Sour Apple (Granny Smith)*

Sour Cherry

Spiced Chai


Strawberry Jam

Summer Sorbetto

Sweet Mint





Triple Apple*

Tropical Mango*

Tropical Punch

Tutti Fruitti*


Watermelon Sugamint

WGB (formerly White Gummi Bear)

White Peach

* Denotes an official Fumari flavor that is no longer in production


Counterfeit products can be found through a variety of commercial channels throughout the world, including but not limited to unauthorized internet sites, third-party seller sites such as eBay or Alibaba, street vendors, social media platforms, and individuals.

The only way to ensure that the products you purchase are authentic and safe is to purchase our product directly from Fumari or from one of our authorized distributors. Consumers may verify their local retailers are reselling authentic Fumari products, by inquiring whether the local retailer purchased from a Fumari authorized distributor. Our list of authorized distributors can be found on

If you believe you have purchased a counterfeit product or suspect counterfeit activity, please contact us by emailing Please note that, while we appreciate your help, we cannot compensate you for providing the information.


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