Hookah Bowls

Whether you prefer traditional clay or modern phunnel hookah bowls, we’ve got something for everyone. And it wouldn’t be the Fumari way if we skipped our duty to test our bowls for durability, airflow quality, and heat management. We love smoking…I mean testing…on the job.

  • Fumari Mini Rook Bowl by Alpaca Fumari Mini Rook Bowl by Alpaca - Green

    Fumari Mini Rook Bowl by Alpaca

    With Fumari’s continued collaboration with Alpaca, you can now enjoy a miniature version of our best-selling rook bowl. Standing at 3.75” tall with a diameter of 2.5”, you’ll only need 8g-15g of tobacco to have yourself a grea…

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    Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit - Green/Grip

    Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit

    That hookah bowl with just a little extra. The Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit features a 3.25 inch diameter with a raised lip to "fit" your favorite Heat Management Device (HMD) snuggly and offers peace of mind to your session in more ways than one. Apart…

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    Now: $19.50
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    Fumari Hookah Phunnel Bowl - Mini Fumari Hookah Phunnel Bowl - Mini - Green/Grip

    Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Mini

    Don't underestimate this little bowl. The Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Mini, while small in stature (2.5 inches in diameter), has been dubbed around the Fumari office as the quick session powerhouse. We recommend using foil only on this bowl but HMDs may wo…

    Was: $22.00
    Now: $16.50
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    Fumari Hookah Phunnel Bowl - Standard Fumari Hookah Phunnel Bowl - Standard - Green/Grip

    Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Standard

    The Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Standard has undoubtedly been set with this flagship model of our Spanish bowls. Features a universal 3-inch diameter making this bowl perfect for foil and Heat Management Devices (HMDs) alike. Any type of smoking you throw …

    Was: $24.00
    Now: $18.00
  • Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl by Alpaca Alpaca Rook Hookah Bowl by Alpaca - Green

    Fumari Rook Bowl by Alpaca

    Fumari has collaborated with Alpaca Bowl Company to bring you the Fumari Rook hookah bowl. These chess-inspired bowls are designed to function like a standard phunnel bowl with notches around the spire to prevent foil drag and increase airflow. These…



What size hookah bowl do I need?
The width of a bowl becomes a factor only when you intend to use a Heat Management Device (HMD). In this case, the diameter to the bowl should be 3” or the bowl should be marketed as one that works with HMDs.

Otherwise, a bowl's width may any size but what is more important is how many grams of tobacco the bowl accommodates. If you smoke for 1 hour, then a smaller bowl that holds around 15 grams will be a better choice than a larger bowl that can hold 25 grams.

What should I do if a hookah bowl does not fit securely on my hookah?
Usually, this can be solved by using the right bowl grommet. Not all grommets are equal, some are thicker and others thinner. However, some bowls ports may simply be too large or too small to fix. In this case, finding a bowl with a proper port width to fit your hookah stem is the best remedy.

There is always extra tobacco in my hookah bowl after smoking. What can I do?
One cause might be how you’re packing your bowl. But if that is not it, then your bowl is simply using more tobacco than your session requires. In this case, try downsizing to a bowl that packs fewer grams of tobacco.

Do all hookah bowls work with HMDs?
Not all bowls are compatible with Heat Management Devices. When purchasing a new bowl, make sure it is marketed to work with HMDs.

How do I prevent getting that burnt black stuff sticking on my bowl?
No matter how you pack your bowl, eventually the buildup of burnt ingredients will appear. Clean your bowl thoroughly after each use with warm water and a sponge to reduce buildup and keep your bowl looking new.