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Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit

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That hookah bowl with just a little extra. The Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit features a 3.25 inch diameter with a raised lip to "fit" your favorite Heat Management Device (HMD) snuggly and offers peace of mind to your session in more ways than one. Apart from this added feature, the Fit will surely find its rightful place in your collection with these extra pieces of flair:

  • Spanish White Clay
  • Shallow 15-20g trench capacity
  • Sheer walls with extra thickness to keep heat trapped in
  • 1 inch - wide gauge spire for increased airflow

Made with a Spanish white clay that is formulated to prevent heat spikes, a lead-free glaze resistant to fractures, and a texturized grippy finish. This is the bowl that will never leave your hookah (unintentionally).

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  • Grommet for Bowl
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Additional Information
Spanish White Clay
3.25 inches (8.5 cm)
4 inches (11 cm)
Approx. 15-20 grams
Stem Opening:
1 inch (2.7 cm)
Works With:
Small, medium and large hookahs
Wash with warm, soapy water
Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit
Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit

Fumari Phunnel Bowl - Fit

Was: $26.00
Now: $19.50
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