Hookah Hoses

Our hookah hoses are carefully selected for their lasting quality and the overall value they add to your smoking session. They’re also longer in length, making them perfect for sharing (when reminded to share).

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    Aluminum Dream Hose - Matte Gold Aluminum Dream Hose - Matte Silver

    Aluminum Dream Hose

    The Aluminum Dream Hose, also known as the D-Hose, features an anodized aluminum hookah hose handle and hose tip. Measuring 72" long, the Aluminum D-Hose is made from heavy-duty medical grade silicone tubing that is fully washable, which means you ca…

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    Art Hookah Aviator Hose - Black Art Hookah Aviator Hose - Blue

    Art Hookah Aviator Hose

    The Aviator Hose from Art Hookah is 84" of innovation. The hose is made from fully washable medical-grade silicone with a matte black neoprene finish which makes it highly temperature tolerant, tear-resistant, and flexible. The 10.5” handle is.…

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  • Fumari M-Series Hookah Hose Handle Detail Fumari M-Series Hookah Hose Handle Detail
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    Fumari M-Series Hookah Hose

    A minimalistic design that does not compromise performance. This 70-inch premium hookah hose features a soft touch, medical-grade silicon tubing that is kink-resistant and 100% washable. Comes with a Fumari-branded stainless steel handle and base...

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  • Fumari Premium Disposable Hookah Hose Fumari Premium Disposable Hookah Hose Handle
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    Fumari Premium Disposable Hookah Hose

    Add an extra touch of quality to your hookah session even when using a disposable hose. The Fumari Premium Disposable Hookah Hose features a glass handle with a comfortable sponge grip. It’s 65 inches (165 cm) in total length and designed to...

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How do I clean my hose?
Hang your hose after each use no matter what type of hose it is. If your hose is washable, run water through it for quick cleaning. We recommend avoiding soap as a cleaner since it is difficult to wash out and can leave a taste behind. For stuck-on flavors or disinfecting, try squeezing lemon juice into the hose and swishing it back and forth with water. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

How do I know if my hookah hose is washable?
It’s safe to say that all silicone and vinyl hoses are washable. If you are not sure what the material of your hose is, try going back to where you purchased it from and look to see if it is labeled as a washable hose. Traditional cloth hoses are typically not washable. They contain a metal wire in the hose’s construction that will corrode and rust if exposed to water.

Does the length of a hookah hose matter?
The length of a hose does not matter when speaking on performance. It’s more about preference and comfort, although a longer hose may be better for situations where a hookah is shared.

What difference does the gauge/opening of a hose make?
The wider the gauge, the more open the airflow will be from the hose. This is again about preference. Some smokers like open draws, and others like it a little restricted.