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Hookah Master Mix Series: LL-Cool Beignet

Hookah Master Mix Series: LL-Cool Beignet

22nd Mar 2022

LL-Cool Beignet combines the decadently zingy taste of Lemon Loaf with the smooth nature of Nectarine, all cooled down with Mint. This staff pick comes from Marketing Specialist, Rob Pecoraro, who states: "To me, Southern hospitality tastes like lemon beignets with a minty nectarine jam to dip them in which is absolutely what I want to experience!"

LL-Cool Beignet is not only a great hookah flavor mix to have around in the upcoming summer months, but it will be the star of your next brunch party!

Learn more about LL-Cool-Beignet at https://www.fumari.com/ll-cool-beignet-mix

How to make a hookah bowl mix of LL Cool Beignet:

  • Section a phunnel bowl with 40% Lemon Loaf, 40% Nectarine, and 20% Mint side-by-side
  • Use a standard Fumari Fluff pack and give the leaves a slight tap down to keep the tobacco 1-2mm below the rim of the bowl
  • Throw a Kaloud 1+ on top with 3 coconut cubes
  • Enjoy!

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