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Featured Flavor: Citrus Tea

Featured Flavor: Citrus Tea

4th Feb 2022

Hello #FumariFamily and welcome back to our monthly series where we invigorate your love for all things Fumari. This month, Citrus Tea is the perfect company to start a hookah and the new year with!

As the season continues to unfold, we could think of no better flavor to enjoy the chilly winter days and warm up with than Citrus Tea. If you haven’t been acquainted with this hookah flavor yet, you can expect beautifully bold black tea notes similar to an Earl Grey tea only with a dash of bright and zesty citrus that follows on the exhale and makes for a zenful hookah experience! What truly sets this flavor apart from others in our lineup is how easy going it can be to smoke after a meal or for beginners alike.

To celebrate Citrus Tea, this month we even have a “Tea-rrific” deal for you – every order of Citrus Tea will come with a free kilo (112 pcs) box of Fuoco charcoal!

Citrus Tea Hookah Tobacco Drink Pairings

It should be no secret that a cup of iced tea or any hot tea aside a session of Citrus Tea will be a “matcha” made in heaven, especially for those celebrating a dry start of the year! However, we have you covered on some great full-spirited options as well:

  • Moscato Ginger Iced Tea - This blend is FRESH in so many ways and the punch from the ginger pairs like a “best-tea” with Citrus Tea.
  • Tea-Quila - Though a cocktail of reposado tequila and lemon tea may seem simple, we can assure you it’s worth a shot. Just keep the salt and lime on the tortilla chips instead of the rim.
  • Spiked Arnold Palmer - This classic tea and lemonade blend is amazing on its own but paired with Citrus Tea and a shot of your favorite spirit, well you may have just found afternoon nirvana.
  • Jasmine Green Tea - apart from all of the spirited versions above, Jasmine Green Tea finds itself lending to the citrus and black tea characteristics especially well with Citrus Tea during the winter months and can be enjoyed by anyone alongside your session.

Citrus Tea Hookah Tobacco Meal Pairings

We have found Citrus Tea lends itself especially well to more of the full-bodied and spice forward recipes below:

  • Sweet Tea Barbequed Chicken - There’s always a reason to break out a BBQ meal no matter what season we’re in. This recipe is that reason. Pro tip: add some curry powder into the roasting pan!
  • Chana Masala - A downright delectable Indian favorite and great vegetarian option guaranteed to have the conversations and hookah going all evening.
  • Baklava - There is no better way to start your morning than with a cup of the real thing, a bowl of our Citrus Tea, and a slice of this infamous dessert pastry. We may have missed a few early morning table meetings due to this one.

Citrus Tea Hookah Tobacco Mixes

To bring out the best in Citrus Tea, try any one of our classic mixes:

  • 75% Citrus tea to 25% Mint
  • 50% Citrus Tea to 50% Orange Cream
  • 30% Citrus Tea to 70% Tangelo
  • 50% Citrus Tea, 30% Island Papaya, 20% Guava
  • 20% Citrus Tea, 40% Lemon Loaf, 40% Watermelon
  • 33% Citrus Tea, 33% Lemon Mint, 33% White Peach

Featured Mixes:

If complexity and searching for the most intricate mixes possible is your thing, check out these Featured Mixes available for purchase now:

  • Citrus Nights: 50% Citrus Tea, 25% Lemon Mint, 25% Mandarin Zest
  • Holly-Berry: 50% Blueberry Muffin, 25% Citrus Tea, 25% Caribbean Colada

Do you have a tea ritual or mix synonymous with Citrus Tea? Drop on over to The Fumari Teashop and let us know all about it! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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