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The Top 10 Fumari Hookah Flavors, Chosen By YOU!

The Top 10 Fumari Hookah Flavors, Chosen By YOU!

4th Jan 2022

Welcome back to the blog, #FumariFamily! This entry is all about our flavors – but more importantly your voices in telling us what Fumari's top hookah flavors are. Hookah will always be subjective and this freedom of expression is why we all love it so much! With hookah, it’s okay (and encouraged) to play favorites, after all your hookah is just that, YOUR Hookah.

With your hookah favoritism in mind, you’ve spoken and we’ve listened, and now we are bringing you the definitive Top 10 Best Rated Fumari Hookah Flavors based on your feedback and your peers’ alike in this culmination that dives through nearly two decades of research.

With data coming from community support, blogs, flavor reviews, and even our own worldwide sales channels, we proudly welcome you to our greatest hits:

Mandarin Zest Hookah Tobacco

10. Mandarin Zest

Just squeezing in, Mandarin Zest kicks us off with a huge cult-like following for such a small piece of fruit! Not quite a full-fledged orange, Mandarin Zest is like the sweet and shy cousin to oranges that bring your hookah session more of the naturalness of the fruit itself such as the zest and pulp. Zippy, Zingy, and of course Zesty, Mandarin Zest is your day at the orchard in a hookah bowl.

Island Papaya Hookah Tobacco9. Island Papaya

A tropical oasis in a bag, Island Papaya is our rendition of hookah paradise. Bright, summery, and with a flavor that will surely outlast your father’s patience on the family vacation, this blend is perfect to put your feet up and unwind with no matter what time of day or year. Count on notes of true papaya, a sweetness that will not quit, and an aftertaste like no other you must try for yourself!

White Peach Hookah Tobacco

8. White Peach

An undisputed favorite hookah flavor across all walks of life, White Peach is our love of hookah immortalized. This flavor is a workhorse, and its versatility across mixes and hookah truly knows no bounds. With this blend, expect cascading notes of real white peaches that are light and beautifully transcendent as your session unfolds. From your first puff to your last, White Peach will always be there as your supporting cast.

RGB Hookah Tobacco

7. RGB

Ask a crowd of hookah smokers what their favorite hookah flavor is, and the chances are nearly certain that you will hear RGB from a multitude of voices. With brilliant notes of candied cherry coupled with zingy raspberry, it’s easy to see why this one comes so highly regarded by so many kinds of people!

Mint Chocolate Chill Hookah Tobacco6. Mint Chocolate Chill

As chill as they come, Mint Chocolate Chill combines some of the best things on the planet together as one: chocolate, fresh mint, and ice cream. What makes this flavor so universally loved are the portions. It’s not too minty nor too chocolatey but just right for your ideal dessert smoke! Decadently divine, pack up your hookah with Mint Chocolate Chill and your guests will surely say “THE HOSE IS MINE!”

Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco5. Spiced Chai

Our love letter to hookah – Spiced Chai is like a piece of old-world charm. With highlights of creamy vanilla, warm nutmeg, star anise, sweet cinnamon, and even tangy cardamom, smoking a bowl of Spiced Chai instantly transports you to the Silk Road where these spices filled the air on the daily. Whether you’re sipping one or smoking our blend, Spiced Chai radiates tradition, welcomes all, and finds its rightful home at number five on our list.

Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco4. Lemon Mint

Clean, refreshing, and downright delectable – Lemon Mint has yet to falter from our top five since we created it and likely never will. This perfect blend of sweet and sour lemon mixed with crisp, tantalizing mint is exactly what many reach for when preparing a hookah and for good reason, you can never go wrong with it! Whether you’re a mixing fiend or like your smoke a la carte, there will always be a home for you in Lemon Mint’s heart.

Blueberry Muffin Hookah Tobacco3. Blueberry Muffin

Our number three spot comes straight from the Fumari Bakery! You know that smell when you walk past fresh Blueberry Muffins, and you just can’t help but linger and bask in all that goodness? We do too, and Blueberry Muffin is our homage to that. Since we introduced the world to this flavor, the love and support have been unmeasurable, and it’s still presented all these years later! What makes this hookah flavor so adored are the highlights of sweet blueberry compared to the almost nutty muffin texture you will find in the smoke that makes it perfect for mornings, afternoons, and of course as a dessert smoke!

Ambrosia Hookah Tobacco2. Ambrosia

Supposedly a gift from the Greek gods themselves, Ambrosia is said to be an elixir for immortality. We can neither confirm nor deny the story BUT we do know this blend’s popularity is on track to outlast us all and easily secured its spot at number two! What keeps everyone coming back to Ambrosia is our mystery blend of flavors. Some say it’s bubblegum. Others have said it’s a creamy melon. We have even heard it’s a marshmallow tart flavor. While the jury is still out, this flavor has been proven guilty time and time again of producing a great time with friends and even greater clouds.

WGB Hookah Tobacco1. WGB

Our flagship hookah flavor and champion amongst the people, WGB has been a force to be reckoned with since our introduction. This blend of intensely sweet pineapple and bright, tangy citrus is synonymous with exceptional hookah sessions across the world and is regarded as one of the most recognizable hookah flavors of all time. However, what makes this flavor so outstanding is the taste. With one puff, you can instantly be taken back to simpler times when stress didn’t live rent-free in your head. Think of nostalgia in smoke form and you have a bowl of WGB.


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