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17th May 2019

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

In our fourth installment of the “Sip and Smoke” Series, mixed drinks or cocktails are the name of the game. As with all of these drinks, a bit of finesse goes into preparation and the same logic should be applied when diving into our own Fumari flavor mix concoctions we’ve found to compliment them. Whether you love the more old-school drinks such as an Old Fashioned or thrive on sipping the most technically crafted drink of the week from the local Gastropub, we definitely have something that’ll be right up your alley.

Warning: With all the finer things in life, a little moderation can go a long way. While we here at Fumari love a good cocktail as much as the next person, drinking responsibly should always be a priority. It’s also important to remember that smoking dehydrates the body and coupled with a few adult beverages this can be amplified significantly. Always keep some water nearby and enjoy in moderation.

    1. Margarita – Citrus Mint + Mojito Mojo Mix portions: 50% Citrus Mint to 50% Mojito Mojo Margaritas are timeless and there is no doubt in our mind that you’ve had some form or another of this iconic drink. Generally speaking, the classic preparation of a Margarita is straightforward. You have your simple syrup for sweetness, a blast of fresh lime, an orange-based liqueur, and your choice of tequila which is served over the rocks with a salted rim. It’s a perfect summertime beverage and for pairing it with our selection of hookah tobacco flavors we’ve sought to give you the quintessential Margarita in a bowl. For this mix, you want a fairly even amount of both flavors. The Citrus Mint will give you that zesty orange and lemon bite while providing a cool factor that emulates ice and by adding in Mojito Mojo, you’ll have that lime and sugary balance you’ve grown to know and love from a Margarita itself.
    2. Bellini – Mimosa + White Peach Mix portions: 70% Mimosa to 30% White Peach Bellini’s are slightly more obscure when it comes to overall popularity compared to others in this list, but that doesn’t mean they should be counted out. In the simplest form, a Bellini is basically a peach mimosa with the option of using either a light sparkling white wine or champagne as the base. They are remarkably refreshing and are a great way to enjoy your Sunday brunch with friends especially alongside our mix. We’ve tried to get as close as possible to having the real thing in smoke form and we’ll let you be the judges to on its accuracy. With this mix, you want a lighter hand when mixing in the peach as to not overpower the fizzy and tangy texture our Mimosa flavor is known far and wide for.
    3. Irish Coffee – French Vanilla + Mint Chocolate Chill + Mochaccino Mix portions: 20% French Vanilla to 20% Mint Chocolate Chill to 60% Mochaccino Irish Coffee is simply the best of both worlds. You have your nice and creamy coffee whipped with heavy cream along with your favorite whiskey. What’s not to love? As simple as it may sound, these drinks are exactly what you need up in a cabin during winter or during a fall bonfire with friends and we’ve done our best to bring you the ultimate pairing with this mix. You want the cream aspect to stand up next to the mocha found in Mochaccino so by adding in the extra vanilla and then complimenting it with the cool and sweet Mint Chocolate Chill you have a dessert lover’s paradise. Just don’t forget to brew the coffee for the second-round while enjoying this one.
    4. Mai Tai – Citrus Tea + Orange Cream + WGB Mix portions: 40% Orange Cream to 40% Citrus Tea to 20% WGB There are few things more satisfying than an expertly crafted Mai Tai. It truly embodies that feeling of being on a beach in the tropics with no worries in mind but an empty glass, simply put a Mai Tai is paradise. The composition is simple in that it encompasses pineapple, orange, simple syrup, and your favorite rum served over the rocks but is oh so delicious. To amplify your feeling of serenity while enjoying one of these drinks we’ve made this mix to be just as enjoyable. Start with a good amount of Citrus Tea which will act as the rum in the equation as this flavor has a slightly earthy yet spiced note, then add in an equal part of Orange Cream which gives texture to the mix, and finally top with a small amount of WGB to achieve that tropical vibe. From there sling up your hammock and puff away at total peace.
    5. Amaretto Sour – Guava + Lemon Mint + Tropical Punch Mix portions: 40% Guava to 20% Lemon Mint to 40% Tropical Punch At first thought, a sour and sweet drink based with almond might sound a little farfetched but it’s surprisingly great! In a *nutshell* this almond based liqueur is met with fresh lemon, orange, and cherry which is served over the rocks. It’s not only sweet but has a unique tartness to it that makes it a go-to for many. To emulate this cocktail and make it a night remember to add a good portion of both Tropical Punch and Guava. The Guava will start this mix off on a dry yet sweet note which gives you an Amaretto vibe while the Tropical Punch adds the orange, cherry, and tropic blast that pairs nicely with the drink itself. Lastly, by topping with just a touch of our Lemon Mint you’ll add more depth to both flavors through the tartness as well as a cooling factor to give you that on the rocks feel in your bowl.
    6. Pina Colada – Caribbean Colada + Citrus Mint Mix portions: 60% Caribbean Colada to 40% Citrus Mint This tropically creamy cocktail is essential to all beach time activities and late summer night kickbacks while being adored by virtually everyone at this time of the year. This cocktail blends pineapple, coconut cream, and rum together to create a perfectly creamy and frozen tropical paradise in a glass making it the model candidate to enjoy outside and beachside during the summer months. With our new Caribbean Colada flavor, we’ve already done the mixing work for you and created what we feel embodies this drink most. However, by adding in a healthy amount of Citrus Mint you’ll have a twist of freshly picked citrus that blends with the coconut cream taste beautifully along with an ice-cold chill that comes through leaving you in a state of pure sun-soaked bliss. For this one be sure to bury your vase in a cooler full of ice as you won’t be wanting to come back inside anytime soon.
    7. Old Fashioned – Citrus Tea + Double Apple + Mandarin Zest Mix portions: 40% Citrus Tea to 20% Double Apple to 20% Mandarin Zest A cocktail as old as cocktails go, the Old Fashioned is one of the pinnacle drinks that started the modern cocktail movement across western culture. This is where we saw flavors truly develop and is currently in a resurgence among new age whiskey lovers and modern pubs alike. It’s a simple drink being comprised of sugar and water akin to a simple syrup, however, sees whiskey and bitters dance together harmoniously over the rocks with a twist of lemon. Garnishes vary but, in most cases, you’ll be met with a cherry and orange on top of your glass which acts to give it an awesome aromatic effect. For our mix, we’ve gone with Double Apple to act as the whiskey and Mandarin Zest to counteract the bitters. The Citrus Tea seeks to encapsulate the mix entirely by giving it the subtle earthy and woodsy tones that not only compliment the whiskey even more so but add depth to the smoke quality. This is something you can certainly enjoy with your old man and reminisce with, just be sure to put on some Laurel and Hardy and monocle for the occasion.

Thanks for stopping by! Without a doubt in our minds, you’ll quickly become the life of the party by showcasing any of these mixes at your next social gathering. Be sure to experiment with your own ratios and drop us some of your favorite drink pairings and mixes for a chance to be featured in our Mix Series. For even more great pairings check out our other entries in the “Sip and Smoke” series where you can find Tea, Wine, and Beer pairings that will blow your mind!

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