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29th Jan 2019

In this third installment of our "Sip And Smoke" series, we take you through our top 5 favorite beer and Fumari hookah tobacco flavors to pair together. These pairings are a result of Fumari community suggestions as well as staff favorites. Fortunately, we're big fans of beer and really enjoyed tasting each pairing to verify its worthiness. Now it's your turn to crack open a cold one and fire up a bowl of Fumari.

  1. Lager + Island Papaya Lagers are crisp, refreshing beers with a medium level of hop flavor. While a lager can go with just about any fruity or minty Fumari flavor, we love it with the sweet, tropical taste of our Island Papaya. Pair this flavor with a Mexican lager and your taste buds will be soaking in the Cancun sun.
  2. White Wheat Ale + Mandarin Zest White Wheat Ales have a soft character that’s easy to drink with very little aftertaste. A typical White Wheat features a touch of spice notes, such as Coriander. We recommend pairing this brew with our Mandarin Zest. One’s smooth and the other is zesty. Together, they're just right.
  3. Pale Ale + Prickly Pear Pale Ales are full-bodied beers with a pleasantly bitter taste and a variety of fruit and malt aromas. This pairing came from a Fumari fan who suggested Prickly Pear, and we couldn’t wait to try it ourselves. We found the exotic, juicy notes of Prickly Pear to nicely round out the robust flavor of a Pale Ale. Cheers, and bottoms up, to that Fumari fan!
  4. IPA + Ambrosia Known for its bitterness, India Pale Ales are simply a hoppier version of the Pale Ale. IPAs also have more noticeable fruity aromas from the hops they use. To balance out the bitterness, and compliment the fruity notes of your IPA, we recommend lighting up a bowl of Ambrosia. The crisp, bright melon taste from your hookah will soothe your taste buds between sips from your beer.
  5. Stout + Mint Chocolate Chill Stouts are very dark beers loved for their thick, creamy heads. They get their rich flavor and color from the roasted malted barley used in the brewing process. Try enjoying your Stout with a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chill. The chocolaty flavor in each puff adds more depth to the coffee-like character of stouts, and not to forget a refreshing twist of mint.

Don't forget to check out our wine and hookah and tea and hookah pairings blog. Or maybe you have another idea for a hookah and drink pairing? Share the love by clicking here to suggest a pairing that we've just got to try. You just might see your suggestion in our next article. Happy smoking!

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