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Sip And Smoke: 5 Teas To Pair With Your Hookah

Sip And Smoke: 5 Teas To Pair With Your Hookah

16th Feb 2018

    In this first of our "Sip And Smoke" series, we take you through our 5 favorite teas and hookah flavors to pair together. First, we asked hookah lovers all over the web to tell us their favorite tea and hookah pairings. We then made sure to spend lots of "quali-tea" time going through each of them and picking the ones that excited us the most.  These pairings are arranged in no particular order of preference, but each of them is worthy of including in your next session!
  1. Lemon Mint + Earl Grey One is cool and crisp, while the other is earthy and bold. Together these flavor elements make a bright, wholesome pairing. Combining zesty refreshing lemon with the fragrant bitterness of bergamot creates a full-bodied tasting experience that any hookah smoker can enjoy.
  2. Mint Chocolate Chill + Green Tea It may sound strange, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it! When we paired our rich Mint Chocolate Chill with a pan-fired green tea, we found that the roasted flavor profile of the tea warms up the chocolate in the tobacco, resulting in a nutty-sweet aroma we can't get enough of. This comforting pairing will make you want to wrap yourself in a blanket in front of the fireplace.
  3. Limoncello + Iced Tea A Fumari fan convinced us that this duo was worth trying, because why would we turn something down that tastes "just like an Arnold Palmer"? Pairing brisk black tea leaves with sweet lemony tobacco results in one delicious ray of summer sunshine that we're ready to enjoy year-round.
  4. Mint + Green Tea Mint is already a popular flavor variety of green tea, but we find it an even more enjoyable experience to sip green tea while smoking our traditional Mint. The mildly bitter taste of green tea balances the earthy aroma of our mint tobacco. It's the perfect pairing for when you're trying to work on your Zen.
  5. White Peach + Lemon Tea When you match up our juicy sweet White Peach tobacco with a naturally zesty lemon tea, you get a sweet-and-sour palate pleaser. If you're looking for a pairing to brighten your day and put the "zing" back in "energizing," this one is for you.

    Do you have a hookah and drink pairing that you swear by? We want to hear from you!  Show us how creative your palette is by clicking here to recommend a pairing for us to try. You might just see your suggestion in our next article. Happy smoking!

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