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How To Make A Smoke Tornado With Hookah

How To Make A Smoke Tornado With Hookah

14th Aug 2023

We’re highlighting one of our favorite hookah smoke tricks…The Smoke Tornado! O’s are always fun, but when you have a whipping tornado cascading through your table, it’s a sight to behold.

What I love about this smoke trick is there's really nothing to it. Let’s walk you through the steps.  

  1. Cascade your smoke across a flat surface.
  2. Take your hand in almost a karate chop
  3. Kind of “C” motion, scoop the smoke up, turn your hand sideways and give it a little spin.

And with that, you're going to create the vortex and make a cascading tornado.   Go ahead and give it a try. Watch this video below to see these steps demonstrated in action. Good luck!


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