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26th Jun 2019

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

Greetings and welcome to a new series we call TOP 3! In today’s market, we are always striving to have the BEST of the BEST and the hookah community at large is certainly no different. Finding not only the perfect product for your tastes but something in your desired price range and material of choice can be daunting, luckily for you in this series we dive headfirst into the Fumari Lab and do the dirty work the only way we know how to; by smoking hookah!

Our first subject in this series is hoses and while it may be a simple subject, it can truly define your session. In short, a hookah hose is meant to provide an airway into your hookah base where the smoke compiles and offers a channel for you to puff away in bliss. A hookah hose should always be airtight and made with top-quality material to ensure you are getting the best smoke you can. Hoses can come in a variety of sizes, but most are around five feet in total length from port to handle. In terms of hose gauge, or draw as some may call it, you will see quite a bit of fluctuation across hose types, but this will come down to preference over function. Some examples of this are users preferring a tighter drawing hose to promote a stronger flavor and less cloud output whereas others choose a more open draw hose to focus on cloud chasing and overall hookah restriction.


1st Pick: Shika

Starting off our list in the traditional sector, these hoses paved the way for what would eventually become common construction for others to follow. Known for their removable acrylic tips, wide bore, and being some of the first quality hoses that could be washed without consequence; there have been several outstanding brands of these particular styles of hoses but one stands out among the rest, Shika. What makes Shika stand out most is their attention to detail while keeping top quality in mind. These hoses can fit virtually any setup and are without a doubt built to last down to the last detail. The woven handles and wide gauge plastic tubing seek to give you not only a perfect pull but ensure you do so in style.

Runner-Ups: (2nd) NarBEAST and (3rd) Nogoom Both for their versatility, wide draw, and comfy aesthetics for lounge and home use.

Best way to clean your traditional hose: First you should make sure your traditional hose is indeed washable by referencing the product itself. If there is metal coiling throughout the plastic tubing between the handle and hose port connection, it is most likely NOT washable. If your traditional hose is washable, then running water through the hose will wash away any previous flavors from your last session. Our pro-tip to you is to use cold water as these hoses are made with hot glue and you may run the risk of heating the connections to a point where the hose could fall apart rendering you to make repairs or buy another. If a flavor is still persistent, using real lemon juice sparingly in addition to water will clear it away. Just give your traditional hose a few swashes while you plug the ends.


1st Pick: Droid Hose

Jumping back into modern times, the silicone hose in itself has become the most common hose found in an enthusiast’s stash. These hoses made a name for themselves in regard to durability and ease of cleaning while still continuing to be innovative years after their original debut. It’s commonplace for these hoses to have an aluminum handle that can stand up to even the harshest of environments and at the modest price point, they’re a steal for what you get. While many of these hoses are amazing in their own right, the Droid Hose fires in ways the Rebellion couldn’t dream up in their worst nightmares. With a near-universal port, wide-gauge tubing, sturdy aluminum handle with a silicone grip, and draw that doesn’t quit, you’re hard-pressed to find anything better at the price.

Runner-Ups: (2nd) B2 Hookah Hose and (3rd) Aluminum Tip D Hose B2 wins our second place for its lengthy mouth tip that makes comfort a priority while boasting a soft-touch silicone that will ensure your hose always looks “so fresh and so clean” and the D Hose for having that Ol’ Reliable vibe we’ve come to love and adore for years running.

Best way to clean your silicone hose: Silicone hoses couldn’t be easier to clean, unlike traditional hoses these hoses are heat safe up to around 500 degrees meaning you can use your hottest tap water without worry. Since these hoses are push and pull connections you can even use light cleaning products to rid stubborn flavors from them such as baking soda to ensure a 100% clean taste every time. You can even soak the hose itself for any duration you please!


1st Pick: Zahrah

For those germaphobes out there, we hear you. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you are the first and only one to use a hose, especially in a lounge, is what these hoses, in particular, specialize in. However, we’re going to be the first to say not every disposable hose is created equal. In fact, most just don’t cut it unless we are referring to your lips. It’s no secret that with this style of hoses the simplest wrong lean or loose grip resulting in a fall can render them useless. It’s in this notion that Zahrah stepped up to the plate and knocked it clear out of the left field. With a Zahrah disposable hose, you have all the great factors of the others (pure taste, lightweight, and cost-efficient) but with more of a stance on quality. The tubing is much more durable and the handle rivals even some of the aluminum handles found on silicone hoses. If you’re in the market for something that falls in this category, Zahrah will welcome you with open arms.

As for Runner-Ups, simply no other disposable hose comes close to the quality Zahrah offers. It’s the best of its kind!

Best way to clean your disposable hose: Since disposal hoses are meant to be a single-use to a handful of uses type of product, we urge you to only use cold water in them to clean between sessions if it is a must.


1st Pick: Thunder

While there were and still are similar hoses like this available, Thunder singlehandedly put this style of hose on the map a few years ago and has since let its grip upon the Brazilian market especially. This hose is quite alike disposable hoses but instead uses vinyl to ensure a much longer-lasting product anyone would be proud to have. These hoses also boast a surprisingly wide draw that is sure to compliment your setup of choice while giving you peace of mind that you can always afford to have another one on standby in case the unexpected were to happen. We can assure you our pool and hot tub sessions have never been better thanks to this hose as the weight, length, and composition make them a perfect summer partner for any occasion. Just don’t forget your Fumari shades!

Runner-Ups: (2nd) RR Washable Hose and (3rd) Golden Desert Star Hose Due to their exceptional quality both in handles and tubing that seek to give you, the customer, a serious bang for your buck.

Best way to clean your vinyl hose: Vinyl hoses aren’t quite as susceptible to hot water damage as traditional hoses, but with their heat resistance being less than 200 degrees we urge you to stick with cold water to keep them from degrading. Since these are push and pull connections you can even remove the handle and port to soak them just like with silicone hoses if you have lingering flavors hanging on.


1st & 2nd Pick: Resin Kings X Moses Hoses

In recent years as the original enthusiasts have matured, their love for the community and strive for the upper echelon of end all be all products have turned into full-fledged companies. Pair that with learning and perfecting trades like sewing exquisite masterpieces or hand lathing resin and it’s virtually all over for any others to clap back with. What gives these two companies the upper edge is how far they go when commissioned to create something no one has seen let alone owned. With a Moses Hose you have endless possibilities of thread color, logos, embroidery, and type of leather cover that will make your hose exactly that; Your Hose. Resin Kings follow nearly the same concepts as you can choose your handle shape, color(s), choice of which “King” will construct it, and even what may lie within the epoxy itself. Either company could win this category alone but the fact that they offer their work together as a package deal, as well as offering standalone products that you can keep collecting over time, is better than a freshly packed bowl – which is something we never thought could be true.

Runner-Up: (3rd) Masonshishaware Tymber Hose These hoses are some of the best of the best. From Resin/Epoxy to Dymondwood tips that are painstakingly handcrafted to various colors of Carbon Fiber handles and Soft Touch Silicone, top quality you can feel and smoke has always been a cornerstone of the brand. Although this is more of a customizable hose compared to a full-fledged custom hose, that doesn’t make it anything less in our eyes.

Best way to clean your artisan hose: These artisan hoses follow all the cleaning rules silicone hoses do but it’s important to note that the leather found on Moses X Resin King hoses should be wiped clean vs. washed clean to maintain the integrity of the product.

Do you agree with our TOP 3? What is your favorite hose and what makes it so special to you? Drop us a message and let us know along with any thoughts you have with what the next step in our series will be!

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