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The F-Files #2: J-Rob The Chief

The F-Files #2: J-Rob The Chief

18th Dec 2020

In episode 2 of the Fumari Files, we welcome rapper J.Rob The Chief as our special guest for a talk about all things hookah.

Want more? Tune in this Saturday (12/19) at 4 PM (Pacific Time), where we sit down and smoke a bowl with J.Rob on our first Q&A Livestream over on our Instagram @Fumari.

NAME: J.Rob The Chief

LOCATION: Glendale, AZ.

OCCUPATION: Artist (Rapper)

INTRODUCTION TO HOOKAH? In 2011 after I graduated High School I got invited to perform at a hookah lounge. Before and after my performance I smoked hookah, shot pool and was in a chill environment. It’s been so long that I can’t even tell you what flavors I was smoking, or anything like that. But it was something I’d never heard of before that day and I thought it was pretty cool.

FIRST HOOKAH EXPERIENCE? I’m pretty sure the bowl I’d gotten in 2011 was a fruity flavor. It’s been nearly a decade so I don’t remember much, but I do remember going back a few times for more [laughs].

FAVORITE FUMARI FLAVOR? My favorite flavor or mix is Mint Chocolate Chill, Vanilla & Spiced Chai.

FAVORITE LOUNGE? Jabbar’s Hookah Lounge located in Glendale, Arizona 10000000%. Great quality, great service, you felt like family when you walked through those doors.

FAVORITE SETUP? My favorite set up to smoke out of is probably out of a Matt Pear. My boy Jabbar has 4-5 Matt Pear set ups and after being around him so long I definitely got used to the high quality smoking set up that he maintained.

CRAZIEST HOOKAH STORY? I got booked for a show in Gallup, NM. Me & Jabbar REFUSED to go without taking a hookah with us [laughs].

The room the promoter booked for us was a non-smoking room so immediately we were like "DAAAAAAMN, what are we gonna do?!". I said to him “J, I’m gonna figure this out” [laughs]. So after we ate, before the show, we felt like smoking. I found the smoke detectors, and the sprinkler system, then I took the coffee cups and pieces of gum and stuck the cups on the ceiling [laughs] to top it off I had a link roller that I used as “Tape” to add some more support for the cups on the ceiling.

We ended up smoking in the hotel room and didn’t get charged a fee. I’ll never forget the struggle I went through for a bowl!

FAVORITE QUOTE? “It’s all a part of the story” - That’s how I look at anything that happens in life. Positive or Negative. That line alone keeps me going and allows me to keep it pushing.

ADVICE FOR ANYONE JUST GETTING STARTED (IN THE INDUSTRY) NOW? I would tell them not to worry too much about the opinions of others, don’t worry about how you sound in the beginning. Because just like anything else in life you’ll only get better with time.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE THE MOST ABOUT HOOKAH SMOKING? I love the fact that it’s relaxing, me & my boys can post up, smoke a hookah and converse for an hour without even realizing that time has passed.


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