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The F-Files #1: Oscar

The F-Files #1: Oscar

4th Dec 2020

  In our first installment of the F-Files, we introduce none other than the Head of R&D, the mysterious Mr. O (aka. Oscar Erdem). Oscar has been conjuring up the formulas to your favorite Fumari flavors for 20 years now. Get to know the "taste buds" behind Fumari in this all exclusive Q&A-style feature where we ask all the real questions.   NAME: Oscar Erdem LOCATION: San Diego, CA. OCCUPATION: "Taste bud"/Head of R&D at Fumari
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING? Been smoking for over 20 years.
INTRODUCTION TO HOOKAH? I started smoking Hookah back in Istanbul during the 90s.
FIRST HOOKAH EXPERIENCE? My first experience was at a lounge in Istanbul and it was an unflavored (Tombek) Hookah pipe.
FAVORITE FUMARI FLAVOR? My favorite flavors are White Peach, Mochaccino, Mint Chocolate Chill, and Cinnamon Latte (sold in the international market only).
FAVORITE FUMARI MIX? White peach and a dash of mandarin zest.
FAVORITE SETUP? Lately, 3 pieces of Fuoco on a heat management device.
FAVORITE QUOTE? What the Fakhfakhina
ADVICE FOR ANYONE JUST GETTING STARTED WITH HOOKAH NOW? Don't smoke indoors, invest in your hookah, and more importantly buy high-quality tobacco and coals.
WHAT DO YOU LOVE THE MOST ABOUT HOOKAH SMOKING? The social aspect of it. I never smoke alone.


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