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St. Patrick’s Day Mix Pairings

St. Patrick’s Day Mix Pairings

16th Mar 2020

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

Hello #FumariFamily and welcome back to the Fumari blog! With St. Patrick’s Day nearly upon us we wanted to give you a peek at how we like to celebrate here at the Fumari Headquarters and give you a chance to enjoy this holiday in the same fashion that we do.

We here at Fumari are always prepared for whatever the night may bring us and the last thing you’d want to happen during your celebrations this year is to be empty-handed in regard to a pairing. After all, a proper pairing turns a good night into a great night and with any of these mixes and seasonal drink choices, you’ll be that much closer to finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in terms of pure shisha bliss!

"MINT MILKSHAKE" - PAIR WITH 40% FRENCH VANILLA TO 60% MINT There’s no better place to start St. Patty's Day celebrations early on than with one of the most sought-after seasonal drinks; the “Mint Milkshake.” What speaks to all of us and makes this a crowd favorite is the way the creaminess is combined with an extra cooling found in the mint flavoring which leaves us longing for it all year long. There’s not much else to it than that, but where it lacks in overall depth, it surely makes up for in taste which is why we’ve opted to make our version for year-long celebrations amongst friends. Be sure to mix these two flavors thoroughly before packing for that true milkshake fashion and add some green food coloring to your vase for extra luck!

Try this mix: French Vanilla, Mint

BLUEBERRY MAPLE STOUT - PAIR WITH 40% BLUEBERRY MUFFIN, 30% SPICED CHAI, AND 20% FRENCH VANILLA Starting your morning with a plate of Blueberry Pancakes is always a great idea. However, starting your morning with a Blueberry Maple Stout, blueberry pancakes, and our hookah mix is the work of legends. While this type of beer is without a doubt something that rides the line of obscurity, we can absolutely attest to how great it is around this time of year, especially alongside a huge plate of its inspiration after a long night. Stouts, in general, have a dark characteristic making them ideal to mix with our Spiced Chai flavor under any circumstance. However, throwing the kicker of blueberry into the mix is what sets the beer off and lets our creativity loose. Imagine soft, whipped cream cascading over fresh blueberry pancakes, heavily spiced with chai on top, and you have our “little slice of heaven mix.”

Try this mix: Blueberry Muffin, Spiced ChaiFrench Vanilla

IRISH COFFEE/IRISH CAR BOMB - 60% FRENCH VANILLA, 25% MOCHACCINO, 15% SPICED CHAI These somewhat seasonal drinks are all the rage come St. Patrick’s Day as many wait for Spring’s beginning to rear its head from their snowed in watering holes. Both of these outstanding drinks contain a cream-based liqueur and an Irish Whisky with one adding coffee to bring it together and the other being joined by Guinness beer instead. To emulate and extend these famous drinks into our hookah, we’ve started with a heavy hand of French Vanilla to serve as the cream, a splash of Mochaccino to act as the coffee or porter/stout as it is light yet almost caramelized, and a hint of Spiced Chai to round out the spicy yet oaky notes found in the whiskey.

Try this mix: French Vanilla, MochaccinoSpiced Chai

HARD CIDER - 60% CITRUS TEA TO 40% DOUBLE APPLE As popular as whiskey and stouts are around this holiday, a glass of fresh cider both hot or cold is just as festive! While the popularity of these drinks has only begun to take off domestically with the plethora of hard ciders available, they’ve been enjoyed on the emerald isle for generation after generation. To honor that we’ve opted to make a play on how the drink tastes with a twist of citrus, Fumari style. Start with a generous portion of citrus tea which will act as the smooth finish we are accustomed to while drinking hard cider and from there add a fair amount of double apple to get the real apple bite!

Try this mix: Citrus Tea, Double Apple

IRISH RED ALE - 50% CITRUS MINT, 20% RGB, AND 30% SOUR CHERRY With the ever-growing marketplace of craft beer, Irish Reds have become more and more popular here in The States due to the low amount of bitterness and high sweetness factor. That makes them universally loved. Whereas porters, stouts, and whiskeys can sometimes be alienating, showing up to your St. Patrick's Day party with a case of these will be your four-leaf clover! To accompany this full-bodied beverage start with our cooling Citrus Mint which acts to bolden the naturally occurring citrus undertones in the beer, add a dash of RGB to then harmonize with the sweetness of the Ale, and finally, a touch of Sour Cherry to match the dark characteristics of the hops and give the mix a slightly bitter tone.

Try this mix: Citrus Mint, RGB, Sour Cherry

With any and every one of these pairings, you’ll be on your way to Sainthood. Just remember to rock some Fumari Green this year to really bring in the spirit!

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