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SPOTLIGHT SERIES: A Review of the Kaloud Lotus 1+

SPOTLIGHT SERIES: A Review of the Kaloud Lotus 1+

18th Sep 2020

By Alex Leguizamon

Hey#FumariFamily! Today we’re going to be going over a product that isn’t new to the market by any means, but one that we feel everyone should be aware of, the Kaloud Lotus 1+.

The original Kaloud Lotus was released back in late 2012 and it was a product ahead of its time. This product is what people refer to as a heat management device (HMD for short), and we will explain what an HMD is in just a little bit. Kaloud has released many other products, including the original Kaloud Lotus’ successors, the Kaloud Lotus 1+ and the Lotus 2. The 1+ is what we will be talking about today.

The Lotus 1+ was released back in late 2017 and it fixed several key issues that the original Lotus had. The result is one of the best hookah accessories on the market today.

Kaloud Lotus Plus - Front View

What is a heat management device? The main purpose of an HMD is to minimize the need to adjust your coals during your session. An HMD cooks the tobacco evenly, as it covers the entire surface area of your bowl. It’s doing a lot of the manual labor for you. The most you’ll have to do is figure out when to adjust the vents and when to remove the top cap.

That isn’t the only perk that an HMD offers! An HMD also assists with keeping the heat in your bowl; this means your bowl can be smoked for a longer duration and you can use fewer coals per session. Using an HMD also means you’ll get more accurate flavor throughout your session. No coal taste! Another tidbit worth mentioning is that you won’t need to use foil at all and you can say goodbye to poking holes. Lazy smokers unite!

Kaloud Lotus Plus - Front View

Kaloud Lotus 1+ in-depth The Kaloud Lotus 1+ is made fully of Aluminum, which is a great conductor of heat. This allows for a good heat distribution across the entirety of the bowl. Another thing to note: since it’s made of aluminum, this accessory will last you a long time with proper care.

Kaloud Lotus Plus - Lid with Vent

On the bottom of the device there are 8 nubs that are designed to sink into the tobacco and help with getting a deeper, more thorough cook of the tobacco. The 1+, along with most other HMD’s, is 3 inches in diameter. Bowls nowadays are often made to this specification meaning you won’t be very limited when it comes to finding compatible bowls.

Kaloud Lotus Plus -Top and Bottom View

The 1+ sports a large interior space that can fit up to 3 cube coals with little hassle. It has multiple points of airflow from the bottom slits, side slits, and top cap openings. On the inside of the device, there are 9 raised platforms that the coals sit on. These platforms help the coals to get even more airflow on the bottom and stop coals from blacking out as easily as they normally would. Coals stay fully lit inside the Lotus 1+ with ease. The wind cover properties come from the coals being enclosed by the high walls and top cap. Speaking of the top cap, opening the vents will cool down the Lotus, while closing them will trap in more heat. You can adjust the heat to your liking using this method.

Tips & Closing Thoughts Here are some pro tips we at Fumari thought you might find helpful with your soon-to-be purchased Lotus 1+:

  • Always use coconut charcoal. Quicklight charcoals tend to create a subpar session because they don’t last as long and they add a taste that isn’t so pleasant.
  • Don’t preheat your Lotus on an electric burner. We know it can seem enticing as the Lotus tends to take a few minutes to reach peak performance but it’s not worth it. The Lotus can melt and it also voids your warranty with Kaloud.
  • You’re going to want to use either 3 flats or 2-3 cubes depending on your tobacco of choice. Any lower than that will make the Lotus take a very long time to heat up. Remember, you can adjust your heat with the top cap or even remove it if you find it to be too hot. Also, some people don’t even use the cap instead of adding more charcoal. With the Lotus 1+ your options are plentiful.

Kaloud Lotus Plus - Removing Lid

The Kaloud Lotus 1+ is a great device to have for newer and experienced hookah smokers alike. It handles a handful of tasks all at once and does them all quite well. If you’re looking to step your game up from foil, impress your friends, or just want to try something new, then this is an accessory you should keep in mind!

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