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25th Sep 2020

Here’s a read for all you hookah smoking beer nuts out there! As you might have heard, the annual Oktoberfest in Munich has been canceled due to COVID, but we’re not letting that hamper our annual intake of Oktoberfest beers here at Fumari. Instead, we’re taking the festivities home this year, and guess what? You’re all invited!

This past week we’ve asked our followers, far and wide, to chip in with some of their best hookah and Oktoberfest beer pairing recommendations, cause let’s face it - Fumari fans know a thing or two about quality, right?

1. Spiced Chai and Dogfish Punkin Ale (Zach B., USA)

The first pairing comes from Zach in the US. Zach recommends:

"Spiced Chai blends perfectly with Punkin Ale's pumpkin forward flavor, lending a rich, creamy body to every smoke/drink. The spices of each complement the other nicely; perfect for fall evenings."

This pairing has fall written all over it, we’ll drink to that!

Oktoberfest Pairing - French Vanilla

2. French Vanilla and Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel (Lukas, Germany)

The second pairing is courtesy of Lukas in Germany, who makes a pretty good point for a dark (Dunkel) wheat beer to go with French Vanilla. He says:

“I like the caramel-taste of the Weissbier in combination with that creamy French Vanilla tobacco because it gives that smooth Vanilla a spicy note”

We’re with Lukas here, and in the name of Oktoberfest, have decided to go to the OG of Dunkel Weissbiers, the Weihenstephaner! The Bavarian brewery is held in high regard and moreover claims to be the oldest brewery in the world. You better believe they know what they’re doing.

Oktoberfest Pairing - Aloha Mango

3. Aloha Mango and Stone Delicious IPA (Gladiatorshisha, USA)

The third pairing comes from our friend Gladiatorshisha. In the best beer aficionado fashion, Gladiator, who also owns a brewery, recommended a beer too difficult for us to find (Ritual Habitual Haze IPA). Instead, we let ourselves inspire and are going to recommend San Diego’s own Stone Delicious IPA, with a similar citrusy taste that should go just great with a bowl of Aloha Mango. Stone Brewing is Southern California’s biggest brewery, and their Delicious IPA should be able to be found in many countries now for those wanting to have a little taste of San Diego!

Oktoberfest Pairing - Lemon Loaf

4. Lemon Loaf and Sam Adam’s Octoberfest Lager (Hookahologist of NYC, USA)

You can’t celebrate Octoberfest without an actual Octoberfest beer right? Sarjil of Hookahologist of NYC reminded us of that. He pairs our Lemon Loaf with the Sam Adam’s Octoberfest lager, elaborating:

Lemon Loaf pairs excellently with a cold glass of Sam Adam’s Octoberfest. The crisp, malty, caramel flavors of the Octoberfest compliments the sweet and lemony bread notes of the Lemon Loaf.”

This amber-colored caramel tasting delight sounds great for an Autumn session, and honestly, what doesn’t Lemon Loaf not go with? We’re on board, Sarjil.

Oktoberfest Pairing - Lemon Mint5. Lemon Mint and Paulaner Weissbier (Dominik, Germany)

To cap our Oktoberfest Beer pairing blog off we’re going full Oktoberfest. Cause you can’t spell Oktoberfest without Weissbier. Dominik from Germany recommends this pairing saying:

“It has become a trend in Germany that Weissbier is often drunk with a refreshing lime flavor (hence the Lemon Mint). I can confirm that from my own experience!”

Dominik clearly knows what he’s talking about cause this pairing is excellent! We personally recommend the Paulaner Weissbier, which is a Munich classic – but any kind of wheat beer/white beer will do. Dominik even tops his recommendation off with “A pretzel to go with that Weissbier is delicious too”. We’ll take his word for it!

That concludes our Oktoberfest beer pairing write-up, but we want to say thanks for all the great entries, so here are a few more recommendations.

Honorable mentions: Lemon Loaf/Lemon flavors with Savanna Cider (Ontshi from the Hub Joint, South Africa) White Peach and Summer Sorbetto Mix with a Home’s Mango Sour (Zachery, USA) Blueberry Muffin with Astra Kiezmische Shandy/Radler (@AmbuzzHookah, Germany) Tropical Punch with Ulrich Martin Spezial Lager (@Onkel_Lugaz, Germany) RGB with Lang Bräu Lager (@Xjustinj, Germany) Blueberry Muffin with Salitos (@Gwh. Cosplay, Germany) Prickly Pear and “the beer from the Fumari stand” (@Borderhookah, Germany) Lemon Mint with a Hell Greif Bräu (@Littlepipeshsishaandmore, Germany) White Peach with a Jever (@Sch4ppi, Germany)

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