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11th Feb 2021

Welcome back to another round of Sip and Smoke, the blog that brings you the best drink and smoke pairings in the hookah business.

As you know, we’ve featured beer, cocktail, tea, and wine pairings in previous blogs but for our latest installment, we’re delving into the wonderful world of warm Winter drinks. And yes, even your Fumari friends here in Southern California need a hot beverage when the temperatures start to drop.

Warm Winter Drink Pairing - Double Apple

1. Moroccan Mint tea and Double apple

First up is the gold standard of hookah lounge drinks, Moroccan Mint Tea, making it a no-brainer on our list. Not only is Mint tea Morocco’s staple drink, but it’s also as common as a comfy couch at your local hookah lounge. The sweet and minty fresh taste of the tea perfectly accommodates hookah smoking, and we recommend staying true to Middle Eastern traditions and going with a Double Apple pairing.

Luckily, this is a treat that isn’t limited to hookah lounges. All you need is green tea, fresh mint leaves, and you got it, your Fumari - and you’re good to go!

Warm Drink Pairing - Ambrosia

2. Matcha Latte with Ambrosia

We got a few of our Japanese friends recommending us this - and we gotta say, they were on to something.

Famous for its high level of antioxidants and generally good for everything healthy, a Green Tea Matcha Latte, traditional to Japan, is your best friend if you like the sound of something creamy and bitter to go with your sweet Fumari favorites.

Our colleague in Japan recommends pairing a Matcha Latte with a bowl of Ambrosia, to complement the bitterness of the Green Tea. We’re sure you won’t go wrong with Lemon Mint either - do you ever.

Warm Winter Drink Pairing - Spiced Chai

3. Sahlep and Spiced Chai

Next on our list is the Turkish delicacy Sahlep. Not only is this milk-based drink absolutely delicious but it also goes a long way in treating digestion and indigestion, due to it being made from Orchid powder, so there is no real reason not to try it! Served with a topping of Cinnamon Sahlep will please anyone with a sweet tooth, keep you in good health, and pairs perfectly with Fumari’s Spiced Chai.

Warm Winter Drink Pairing - Lemon Mint

4. Yerba Mate and Lemon Mint

Heads up all you caffeine addicts, cause here’s a drink that’ll keep you sharp, calm, and focused –  but without the jitters. Not bad, huh? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Yerba Mate: an all-year-round herbal tea that is consumed more regularly than coffee in many South American countries. While the rest of the world has slowly opened its eyes to this drink due to its wide range of health benefits, yerba mate’s strong, earthy and bitter taste isn’t for everyone (which might be due to the high tannin content of the leaves and twigs it’s made from.).

Curious yet? All you need is toasted Mate leaves and hot water, and you’ll be puffing away with a mate in your other hand in no time. Recommended pairings include Lemon Mint and White Peach.

Warm Winter Drink Pairing - French Vanilla

5. Hot White Russian and French Vanilla

If we had any of you worried that we were gonna do a whole Sip and Smoke blog and not feature any drinks including coffee or alcohol, this final one should have all you worried souls covered. Last on the list is none other than the hot take of the famous White Russian cocktail. Coffee, vodka, and Kahlua – and the optional whipped cream – is all you need for this one. Whether or not there are any direct health benefits related to drinking White Russians remains unknown, but we can personally vouch for it makes you feel really, really good!

Like any other coffee drink, you can’t go wrong with pairing this with a bowl of French Vanilla, Mochaccino, or dare we say, Banana Custard? Cheers!

That’s a wrap on warm winter hookah pairings. Big shoutout to all our amazing Fumari followers who chipped in with your recommendations on IG. We couldn’t have done this blog without you. If you wish to voice your recommendations for future Sip and Smoke blogs, or just really want to send your praises for this excellent write-up, head on over to our Instagram and let us know in the comments!

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