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M60 Mini Hookah - Introduction

M60 Mini Hookah - Introduction

12th Dec 2023

Introducing the tinified version of our M120 hookah – it’s the M60 MINI HOOKAH! A quick history for those of you who haven’t been following us, the Fumari M120 was the first-ever Fumari-designed pipe. It’s about 24 inches tall, so it’s considered a medium or standard-size hookah. Now, we took that same design and shrunk it down to a 15-inch version to offer an option that is suitable for table tops as well as something easier to carry around on the go.

The design of our M60 and M120 was inspired by modern European hookahs. A sleek style, with hefty Stainless-steel parts and a unique aesthetic through the purge system.

Check out the demo in this video.

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