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How To Make Smoke Rings With Hookah

How To Make Smoke Rings With Hookah

20th Sep 2021

Hi Fumari fans! Today we are going to show you how to make smoke rings with your hookah using the cough method. It’s a more advanced way that requires some finesse, but don’t worry, once you get it down, making perfect smoke rings is something you’ll remember for life!

There’s a couple of important steps we need to go over first to make sure you’ve got them covered.

STEP NUMBER 1: The smoke needs to be nice and thick, it can’t be wispy. To get spectacular O’s, your bowl needs to be smoking well.

STEP NUMBER 2: The second is the position of your mouth. Your lips need to be oval-shaped, pretty much like an O with the lips slightly pouted. And then your tongue should be at the bottom of your mouth, parallel to your bottom lip.

STEP NUMBER 3: Now that we’ve got those basics down, let’s go over the cough technique. You’re releasing a small amount of the smoke with your throat like you are having a little quiet cough. You know, like those times where you don’t want to be seen coughing – “classy coughs” if you will. Another way to explain it is to open the back of your throat for a moment while using a small amount of force to push out a little smoke, then closing it again.

Your turn to try it!

  1. Take a good drag from your hookah pipe and hold the smoke in your mouth. Don’t take it deep into your lungs.
  2. Make an oval with your lips and moving your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.
  3. Then, exhale slowly while using your throat to do a light but controlled cough to push out a small amount of smoke at a time.

When learning it does help to exhale a little smoke in preparation, right before starting your coughs.

Perfecting the controlled cough is the key to getting beautiful and consistent O’s. If you’re having trouble, make sure you’re not forcing too much smoke out or blowing with your lips. That will break up any O’s and what you’ll end up with are small clouds instead.

In hookah, like all other things, it takes practice to perfect! But with time you’ll be a pro at making smoke rings.

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