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Reviewer Q&A with Dr Noobsauce

Reviewer Q&A with Dr Noobsauce

20th Jul 2018

Following hookah reviewers is one of the best ways to stay on top of the latest hookah products and get an expert’s breakdown to help decide what’s worth buying. This small community of hookah reviewers are undeniably invaluable as their work helps to improve your hookah experience at home as well as progress the hookah industry as a whole.

In this first post of our new reviewer blog series, we introduce hookah reviewer Chris Fernandez from New York State. Better known as Dr Noobsauce, Chris made his introduction to the Hookah Review scene in 2017 and has quickly grown a following on Youtube and Instagram (@Dr_noobsauce). Let’s get started!

How did you come up with your reviewer name "Dr Noobsauce”?

I was at a friend’s house playing games when a friend of a friend kept killing me in Halo and calling me Noobsauce ‘cause he kept killing me so much. For the rest of the day, I put my character’s name as Noobsauce and started using it as an inside joke. Guess I used it so much that it stuck and some people just called me Noobsauce. Not sure if it’s awesome or degrading…lol.

Who and/or what inspired you to start doing reviews for hookah products?

I always loved making videos. I used to be a TWITCH streamer. Anyway, I always saw YouTube videos of HookahJohn or Strictly Shisha. Since I was already always smoking hookah and wanted to do something on YouTube for fun, I figured let’s make some videos to occupy my free time.

What is your favorite setup and your Fumari flavor right now? 

Well, I actually own 7 hookahs at my house right now. The one that really stands out is my MATTPEAR hookah from SKY DISTRIBUTION. I’m no “fanboy” or “bandwagon jumper”, I just love good products. This hookah has a super open draw which I really enjoy. Recently, I only will use the Provost HMD (with 2 layers of foil) as it gives me some of the best methods of heat management around with ease. The bowl of choice has to be from Alpaca, the apache bowl is my favorite by far due to the fact that you can use it for different packing methods. Come on… my favorite flavor is definitely Fumari SWEET MINT but since I am still waiting for a kilo to become available, the CITRUS TEA has to be a very close 2nd. The hose is just your basic soft silicone hose that came with my MATTPEAR.

How would you describe the hookah culture in your surrounding area?

Well, there is an area of Queens called Steinway. Most hookah smokers in NYC at some point have visited there because it’s kinda like the hookah area. Very old school smokers can be found there as the lounges are very traditional with their flavors. Due to the inability for hookah lounges in NYC to have tobacco, it really hinders them to innovate. You won’t be seeing any dark leaf tobacco in the lounges around here, at all.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of being a reviewer?

Favorite – I think it has to be the satisfaction of having an idea, planning it, executing the idea, editing, then presenting the work. I like creating videos and like smoking hookah, so merging the two really gave me a hobby that I love to be a part of. I also really enjoy doing one-on-one interviews with people within the community to shed light on new products and the people behind them.

Least Favorite – Has to be trying flavors you know you don’t like but you try them anyway to get a reference point and understand where people are coming from when they talk about the flavor. You don’t have to make a review on every flavor out there, but I do think you should attempt to try it.

Can you tell us about your role in Hookah University?

My role in the Facebook group “Hookah University” is being a Moderator. Basically, we make sure the content doesn’t get out of hand and try to make sure people feel like they can contribute and chime in comments no matter their expertise in hookah. Also, Hookah University gives me a platform for “The Classroom” podcast. As a content creator, it’s nice to have that ability.

What is your favorite Fumari tobacco mix?

Honestly, I don’t mix too often. I like smoking most Fumari flavors on their own. With that being said I did enjoy the AMBROSIA/GUAVA mix. Oh, and the CITRUS TEA /MINT mix has to be one of my favorites since I really like the tea flavor!

Favorite video games to play while smoking Fumari?

This is tough cause I change games from time to time. Right now I am playing DESTINY 2 and just got back into THE DIVISION.

What do you do when you’re not smoking hookah?

Don’t think it’s a secret but my full-time job is being an FDNY Fireman. I am sure my job is a whole topic in itself. I really do love my job cause it allows me the opportunity to have an apt and a life in NYC, as you know it’s a very expensive one!

Used to bowl, wall climb, play baseball and softball, but after a hand injury at work those hobbies kind of went out the window. Right now I do more creative stuff on the computer, photography, and gaming. Of course, binge-watching Netflix ‘cause being a big time nerd I need to watch everything sci-fi related.

Don’t forget to follow Dr Noobsauce for his latest reviews.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/DRNOOBSAUCE

Instagram: @Dr_noobsauce


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