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Hookah Master Mix Series: Secret Oasis

Hookah Master Mix Series: Secret Oasis

11th Aug 2023

Summer is in session and Fatma from Tabac Cafe & Hookah in San Diego, CA is on the scene with a mix that will quench your desire for a hookah that's sweet and refreshing. All you need to do is add 1/3 Watermelon Sugamint, 1/3 White Peach, and 1/3 Sweet Mint in your bowl. "Two of my favorite summertime fruits blended with an extra hit of sweet mint to give it a cooling sensation on the inhale. It's a great mix to chill to while hanging out on the patio on a warm evening."


  • Begin with a Fumari Phunnel Bowl
  • Using a standard Fumari Pack, add each flavor side-by-side in the bowl
  • Use a fork to level out the tobacco and touch up your pack
  • Keep it 1-2mm below the rim
  • Add a slightly warmed heat management device with 3-4 coconut coals
  • Let the bowl warm up for a 3-4 minutes
  • Your hookah is ready to smoke

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