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Hookah Master Mix Series: October Cream

Hookah Master Mix Series: October Cream

25th Oct 2020

Hookah Reviewer Rob Pecoraro, also known as @DudeWheresMyHookah on IG, is in the hookah kitchen whipping up a mix he calls October Cream. For this mix, add a heaping base layer of 50% Mint then section the two top portions with 35% French Vanilla and the remaining 15% being Spiced Chai. How does Rob describe this mix?

“The goal here is to make an ice-cold cream that feels like that first sip of Chai Tea after frolicking about in the cool Autumn weather. You’ll be hit with a sweet, although intense, cooling that plays perfectly with the smooth vanilla which only seeks to bolden the natural flavors found in Spiced Chai.”

Simply put - it's sugar, spice, and everything nice.

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