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Hookah Master Mix Series: Malibu Bliss

Hookah Master Mix Series: Malibu Bliss

5th Dec 2023

Patrick Andriasian from Puffin O's Hookah Catering in Los Angeles, CA is making his first appearance on the Fumari Mix Series with a bowl that will send warm, tropical vibes no matter what the outside temperature reads. Grab your favorite phunnel bowl at start with 50% Blueberry Muffin, sprinkle in 25% Caribbean Colada, and finish with 25% Razzberry Bliss. When creating this mix, Patrick wanted to bring back some of his getaway vacation memories. He says "the sweet berry and tropical flavor in this mix remind me of an exotic piña colada. Perfect for a beachfront resort or just relaxing at home." We had the pleasure of trying this mix while Patrick was visiting our office. We loved it so much, we brought him back to shoot this video!"


  • Begin with a Fumari Phunnel Bowl
  • Using a standard Fumari Pack, add each flavor side-by-side in the bowl
  • Use a fork to level out the tobacco and touch up your pack
  • Keep it 1-2mm below the rim
  • Add a slightly warmed heat management device with 3-4 coconut coals
  • Let the bowl warm up for a 3-4 minutes
  • Your hookah is ready to smoke

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