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Hookah Master Mix Series: Just Cozy

Hookah Master Mix Series: Just Cozy

7th Apr 2022

Wendy Louthanova of Tabac Cafe & Hookah came up with this cozy and delicious dessert hookah mix during a rainy day here in the Fumari office and now we are bringing it to all the extended Fumari Fam! Blend 25% Banana Custard, 25% Blueberry Muffin, 25% French Vanilla, and 25% Spiced Chai together for a sweet, relaxing session like no other. Wendy states: "These flavors are all something I would smoke on those cold rainy days when I'm just chilling at home wrapped up in a blanket, but when all mixed together you get that Just Cozy feeling." Hookah and chill has a whole new meaning with this mix!


  • Begin with a Fumari Phunnel Bowl
  • Prepare the portions of each flavor: 25% Banana Custard, 25% French Vanilla, 25% Blueberry Muffin, 25% Spiced Chai
  • Using a standard Fumari Pack
  • Add each flavor side-by-side in the bowl
  • Use a fork to level out the tobacco and touch up your pack
  • Keep it 1-2mm below the rim
  • Add a slightly warmed heat management device with 3-4 coconut coals
  • Let the bowl warm-up for a 3-4 minutes
  • Your hookah is ready to smoke

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