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Gallivant Hookah Bag Review: What Are People Saying About Our Gallivant Hookah Bag?

2nd Nov 2017

The reviews for our Gallivant bag are in, and we are very thankful to the hookah community for giving us thorough and excellent feedback!  We want to take some time to shout out these awesome reviewers and give our readers the opportunity to find out what our Gallivant is all about.  
  "This is the best means of transportation of your hookah that I've seen thus far." Whether he's fitting different sizes of hookahs into the bag or repeatedly dropping a Gallivant full of hookah parts to the ground, Zach of Strictly Shisha came prepared to push our bag to its utmost limits. The drop tests might have you sweating a little bit, but don't worry. This story has a happy ending.  
  "This bad boy, you can wear it on your head as a fashionable hat." If that quote doesn't explain the versatility of the Gallivant and its base protector, we're not sure what does.  Wade's full and thorough review of the bag is sprinkled with plenty of humorous moments, making this overview both informative and entertaining.  
  "Fumari has designed the perfect backpack, definitely thinking with the hookah mindset..." Gone are the days of wrapping up your hookah in towels to try to protect it. Shaun of Hookah-Shisha will reassure you that, no matter if your stem is 19" or 29", the Gallivant has a way to accommodate your hookah setup. If these reviews aren't enough to satisfy your curiosity, be sure to check out this detailed visual synopsis on Reddit. On Instagram, you'll find HookahChef and WadeOnAHookah showing off their Gallivants before taking a stroll to go impress some friends. If Hookah John was eager to "take one and rock out," we think you'll be too.

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