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Five Must-Try Fall Mixes

Five Must-Try Fall Mixes

22nd Oct 2020

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)   Hello #FumariFamily and welcome back to the blog! In this month’s edition we wanted to give you some tips in the form of 5 Fall Hookah Mixes to get you through the changing of the seasons and the rest of 2020 with as much safety and bliss as possible. Each of these are designed with you and the fam in mind and will certainly be a great talking point among your upcoming celebrations and time away from this stressful year. Consider them all as a blueprint and open to your interpretations, but if you do go changing them up on us shoot us a tag or message @Fumari on Instagram for full credit and a shout out about your new concoction!  

1.) October Cream - 50% Mint + 35% French Vanilla + 15% Spiced Chai

  First on our list of mixes is October Cream, a play on peppermint creme Fumari Style! For this mix add a heaping base layer of our Mint flavor then section the two top portions with a majority being French Vanilla and the remaining being Spiced Chai. The goal here is to make an ice cold cream that feels like that first sip of Chai Tea after frolicking about in the cool Autumn weather. You’ll be hit with a sweet although intense cooling that plays perfectly with the smooth vanilla which only seeks to bolden the natural flavors found in Spiced Chai. Simply put its sugar, spice, and everything nice.  

2.) Choco Cherry Chill - 70% Mint Chocolate Chill + 30% Sour Cherry

  Diving into decadence, this mix is everything you want on a cold night snuggled up around the fire pit with the ones you love. Plus, what are the holidays without a bit of chocolate sprinkled in your bowl? While Sour Cherry may be unconventional when you think of chocolate covered cherries, we can attest to how well the slightly bitter tone pairs against our Mint Chocolate Chill firsthand. The sweetness becomes perfectly balanced once you have this blend smoking and mimics a dark chocolate thanks to the notes found in Sour Cherry, and as an additional bonus, the cooling transcends both flavor profiles and makes you feel like you just grabbed a fresh chocolate covered cherry right off the line!   Be careful you may run out of this mix as quick as a box of the real thing!  

3.) Chai Apple Pie - 60% Citrus Tea + 20% Spiced Chai + 20% Double Apple

  Two of our favorite words are “Apple Pie” and anything that follows these words is just icing on the slice which certainly is the case with this mix! To make this just as delectable as we have, you want to make sure you blend up all of these flavors prior to packing them up to ensure this mix is beaut-tea-ful from start to finish. You should be hit with a gorgeous tea note along with just a slight taste of citrus sweetness, followed with the vanilla and spicy pie-like taste, and finally the star; apple. We’re not saying you should blend up a slice of Apple Pie and throw it in your tea to pair with this, but we’re also not Not saying that.  

4.) Peelin’ Something Sweet? - 60% Banana Custard + 20% White Peach + 20% Mint

  This mix is for all of you late night sweet tooths. The ones who go to the fridge after a holiday dinner and say why can’t I have a bowl of banana custard with my peach pie? You are the dreamers of our society and we felt it was time you were represented in all of your genius glory! Essentially what we have here in this mix is peaches and cream topped with banana slices and served up fresh from the freezer. You get a perfect balance of natural peach to banana in this ratio but the flavor is truly carried through the cream and vanilla notes along with the mint that acts to bridge both of these together.   Disclaimer: Fumari is not responsible for any loved ones awoken by the sound of the hookah with the now late night sessions with this one!  

5.) The Barista’s Breakfast - 70% Moccachino + 30% Lemon Loaf

  There’s no better stop than the Fumari Coffee Shop around this time of year and with this mix you have front of the line privileges, always. To become an honorary Fumar-ista start by sectioning a majority of Moccachino in your bowl then filling the remaining space with Lemon Loaf for a unique play on a true to life coffee cake. With this mix you’ll be hit with decadent mocha, vanilla, and coffee notes that play sporadically with the sweet goodness that you’ve come to know and love with Lemon Loaf. It's all the joys of having your cake and smoking it too.   Consider this as that moment of zen between frantic store trips when the world seems to slow down and it's just you, your coffee, and breakfast danish only brought to you in the comfort of your own home.  

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