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Featured Flavor: White Peach

Featured Flavor: White Peach

10th Aug 2020

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

Hello #FumariFamily, and welcome back to our monthly series where we highlight flavors destined to reinvigorate your love for all things Fumari. In this month’s spotlight, we wanted to flashback to one of our crowd favorites and staples among all walks of hookah smokers; White Peach!

Over the years White Peach has been the go-to for lounges and our direct customers alike, and we here at Fumari have been known to sling up the hammock into the trees and fresh air on the weekends to truly push this flavor to its blissful origins it was designed for. With a sweetness that doesn’t quit from your first inhale to your last exhale and a slight earthy tone complemented by the natural flavor of our Virginia blond leaf, White Peach has stood the test of time.

White Peach Hookah Tobacco Pairings

When we created White Peach we had versatility in mind, and that goes tenfold when it comes to pairings. First off we have a Summer Ale which highlights the sweet and natural characteristics of this flavor but provides a tangy bite that is perfect to wash down your last puff with. Some of our favorites that are easily sourced come from Samuel Adams and Leinenkugels, both hit the tangy note beautifully and will be the ideal companion for your session but don’t forget to accompany them with one of our koozies! Apart from these, we have LOVED mixing up a fresh Cosmopolitan inspired Cranberry Martini garnished with raspberries to really set off the night. However, for those enjoying a sober summer, we highly recommend an ice-cold glass of peach iced tea with lemon zest to slowly unwind with as you smoke away the stress of a long day.

White Peach Hookah Tobacco Mixes

On to Mixology, White Peach is a key player to add to all of your concoctions! Here are some of the many mixes we have enjoyed along with some customer submissions over the years:

  • 50% White Peach to 50% French Vanilla for a creamy and decadent peach cream
  • 50% White Peach to 50% Aloha Mango for those who adore the tropical summer vibes
  • 50% White Peach to 50% Lemon Mint which is a customer and lounge favorite that has been tried and true!
  • 50% White Peach to 50% Prickly Pear for a unique play on the Southwestern Deserts meeting the serenity filled orchards of the East Coast in one session.
  • And last, this mix comes from our #fumarifamily on Instagram: 1/3 White Peach,  1/3 Lemon Mint, and 1/3 Guava. Feel free to substitute Lemon Mint with our Mint or Sweet Mint flavor. The point is...just keep it minty!

Have a mix or shot of you enjoying White Peach you would like featured? Tag us @Fumari on Instagram and share the love with us!

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