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Featured Flavor: Spiced Chai

Featured Flavor: Spiced Chai

24th Nov 2020

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

Hello #FumariFamily, and welcome back to our monthly series where we highlight flavors destined to reinvigorate your love for all things Fumari. In this month’s spotlight, Spiced Chai welcomes us to the Fall season of 2020.

Known far and wide as THE epitome of what a spiced chai latte represents in regards to hookah tobacco, Spiced Chai has always remained at the forefront of our flavor lineup and customer’s taste buds alike. With a stronger focus on cream and chai itself, we set out to create the ode to sweater weather and the holidays that is always within arms reach and just for this month we are offering a FREE Fumari Beanie with all Spiced Chai purchases to celebrate that!

Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco Pairings Apart from the real thing, Spiced Chai goes well with practically any Fall/Winter meal you can throw at it:

  • Homemade Pozole and Tamales? Smoke Spiced Chai.
  • Japanese Red Curry and Oolong Green Tea? Smoke Spiced Chai.
  • Gingerbread House Decorating with a side of Pumpkin Pie? #SmokeSpicedChai.

It’s as all-encompassing as the love and joy spread throughout this season pure and simple.

However in terms of cocktails, the darker the better. Stouts, Porters, and Dunkels are all great options to have on hand that compliment the spices and vanilla notes that are found in Spiced Chai perfectly. As for cocktails there is nothing that pairs as well as the classic “Hot Toddy” (Whisky, Honey, Spices, Citrus Garnish) but you can always go more decadent with something like Hot Chocolate & Baileys for those nights spent with family over a late night dessert. Though for our wine lovers out there rest assured a Apple Cider Sangria (Apple Cider, Brandy, Orange/Lemon Juice, and Ginger) will make your holiday party infamous alongside a bowl of Spiced Chai!

Don’t forget adding some ground clove, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and even some chai tea itself to your vase can make for a fun activity for the holidays and will make your pairings that much more lively for your celebrations!

Spiced Chai Hookah Tobacco Mixes As often as we smoke Spiced Chai by itself, we have LOVED these mixes and you will too!

  • 60% Spiced Chai to 40% Banana Custard
  • 50% Spiced Chai to 50% Blueberry Muffin
  • 70% Spiced Chai to 30% Mandarin Zest
  • 60% Spiced Chai to 40% Mint Chocolate Chill
  • 50% Spiced Chai to 50% Mochaccino

Tag @Fumari on Instagram with your Spiced Chai mix or session with the hashtag #FumariSpicedChai to be featured on our page!

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