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Featured Flavor: Passionfruit Sangria

Featured Flavor: Passionfruit Sangria

25th Oct 2022

Hey #FumariFam and welcome back to our monthly blog series designed to reinvigorate your love for all things Fumari. This month we are serenading the greatly missed fiestas of summer with none other than our Passionfruit Sangria hookah tobacco. As the name eludes, this sangria-inspired hookah flavor features a bright and tangy passion fruit backed up with notes of sweet mango and an exotic papaya bite that doesn’t quit round after round. So, while the summer sun may be officially past us, the long-lasting and downright delectable flavor of Passionfruit Sangria is here to bring you the dreamy Brazilian beachside all year round.

Passionfruit Sangria Drink Pairings

With a session of Passionfruit Sangria, stick to the brighter side of citrus and fruits to transcend your session to heights never imagined. Here are just some of our favorites:

Passion Fruit Mojitos - a standard when it comes to the passion fruit. It's tangy, zesty, and oh so delicious no matter what the occasion is.

Passion Fruit Iced Tea - We love a good cup of tea here at Fumari and this bright and earthy blend needs to be on your menu at least once while smoking through your pouch. Pro tip: add a touch of lemon and opt for honey instead of sugar.

Passion Fruit Sangria - After all, this name does come from experience! Having a glass of a true passion fruit sangria aside a session of this flavor IS the “pitcher” perfect summer send-off.

Passionfruit Sangria Food Pairings

When it comes to creating a night with Passionfruit Sangria for all to enjoy, try this menu to wow your guests:

Passion Fruit Caprese Salad - a simple twist on a timeless appetizer. Trust us, you’ll be handing this recipe off to every guest before the night is over.

Fish Tacos with Passion Fruit Salsa - Let’s taco-bout it. You can never go wrong with fish tacos but the addition of passion fruit in a salsa is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. Pro tip: add mangos, red apple, and roasted jalapeno to the salsa for the perfect sweet kick.

Passion Fruit Mousse - At first glance passion fruit may seem like a summery citrus and nothing more, but we can surely attest to how well it can go in desserts of all varieties. For this one think of the classic Dole Whip only with more zest and punch to it.

Passionfruit Sangria Hookah Tobacco Mixes

It should be no surprise that this blend fits everywhere in our lineup in regard to mixing but with these Fumari-approved mixes a session like no other is just a few pinches and portions away:

  • Passionfruit Sangria 50% Citrus Tea 50%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 50% Citrus Mint 50%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 50% White Peach 50%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 30% Lemon Mint 50% Aloha Mango 20%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 30% Blueberry Muffin 50% Strawberry Jam 20%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 50% Purple Grape 20% RGB 30%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 70% Caribbean Colada 30%
  • Passionfruit Sangria 70% Mint 30%

Featured Mix - Luv Potion: Passionfruit Sangria 20% Ambrosia 30% Mint 30% Watermelon 20%

Thanks for stopping by the blog! We’re always looking for the next delicious blend. If you have a mix featuring Passionfruit Sangria, send it to @Fumari on Instagram for your chance to be featured on our site and page!

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