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Featured Flavor: Orange Cream

Featured Flavor: Orange Cream

20th Oct 2021

Hello #FumariFamily and welcome back to our monthly series where we highlight flavors destined to reinvigorate your love for all things Fumari. This October, seeing that we celebrate Halloween with orange colors and sweet treats being the theme, Orange Cream is that flavor which reigns supreme - especially when pairing with classic thrillers like Nightmare on Elm Street or even Scream!

What ranks this flavor among our go-to faves is the shocking and zesty twist ending of fresh orange sweetness to our creamy base flavor. Smooth, decadent, and reminiscent of a 50/50 ice cream bar, Orange Cream Screams at your tastebuds with every puff. The only thing that can spoil a bowl of Orange Cream is realizing you’re out of foil. To make sure we keep this worst nightmare scenario of running out at bay, each online order of Orange Cream will come with a FREE Fumari 50 sheet pack of pre-poked foil.

Orange Cream Drink Pairings

A little liquid courage is a must when facing off against a monster movie marathon and any of these choices alongside Orange Cream will keep you safe:

  • Orange Wheat Ale - a classic for a classic. Perfect for a cheesy zombie flick.
  • Orange Hot Chocolate - Comfort in a glass but for extra comfort throw a shot of Southern Comfort in. You deserve it.
  • B-52 - Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier layered beautifully in a shot glass, what’s not to love? You might bomb Monster Mash on karaoke but you’ll be a legend.
  • Candy Corn Punch - Even if candy corn itself is the laughing stock of Halloween candy this inspired punch is everything. Orange soda, cold pineapple bits, and whipped cream is all you need for this one and it may just make you rethink your stance on this highly controversial candy...

Orange Cream Food Pairings

While creamsicles are always our number one choice to enjoy alongside a fresh bowl of Orange Cream these fall-inspired dishes are everything you need to get in the spirit:

  • Ambrosia Salad with Orange -Think Orange Cream but in a sweet melon salad form!
  • Orange Almond Flan - Fall isn’t fall without a dessert and this one takes the cake.
  • Blood Orange Glazed Chicken - Add honey, blood orange zest, and your favorite hot sauce to a marinade for a hauntingly good BBQ experience.

Orange Cream Mixes

One of the things we love most about Orange Cream is its mixology. This flavor can go anywhere and everywhere in our flavor lineup. Here are just a few of our fan and office favorites:

  • 70% Orange Cream to 30% Sweet Mint
  • 40% Orange Cream to 60% White Peach
  • 30% Orange Cream to 70% Ambrosia
  • 40% Orange Cream to 60% Mochaccino
  • 30% Orange Cream to 70% Mint Chocolate

Featured Mix:

Have a mix or pairing with Orange Cream you need to share with the world? Tag us @Fumari for a feature on the page!

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