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Featured Flavor: Lemon Loaf

Featured Flavor: Lemon Loaf

17th Feb 2020

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

Fresh from the Fumari bakery and ready to be sliced up into your next bowl, Lemon Loaf is our latest introduction to our ever-evolving line flavors and we are ecstatic to give you the full introduction here for all of our #FumariFamily!

While we will always adore our Blueberry Muffin flavor (as will you) we wanted to head back down memory lane and revisit our love for all things baking while highlighting our lemon flavoring in the form of this unique flavor. Of course, you can expect that beautiful high note of the sour and sweet lemon bite we are known for but what truly defines Lemon Loaf is the decadent nature of the pound cake this is modeled after. We aimed to give you the perfect balance of home-baked goodness that isn’t too overbearing in terms of sweetness but is always ever-present during your exhale. As in its namesake, you can even expect a swirl of fresh vanilla cream icing flavor. We’ve surely given Grandma a run for her money with this one!

Lemon Loaf Hookah Tobacco Pairing Tips Although this may be a new flavor to all of you, we’ve had this in our office rotation for quite some time and can say this complements EVERYTHING you could want in the morning. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, Lemon Loaf is key to putting even more pep in your step before heading out for the day. Some of our favorites have been pairing this alongside a nice green tea with lemon and honey or orange coffee with whipped cream. Drinks aside, we’ve enjoyed this next to doughnuts, cookies, English muffins, and even the more hearty breakfasts. But keep in mind this is a dessert-oriented flavor and with that this is the ideal accompaniment to all of your after-dinner desires.

Lemon Loaf Hookah Tobacco Mixes What makes Lemon Loaf the perfect star for mixing is how versatile it is with our lineup of flavors. By adding in Blueberry Muffin you have an entire dessert platter laid out in a hookah session, same goes for Sour Cherry. However, if muffins and loaves aren’t your thing you can use this flavor as a base for your pie-inspired mixes! Grab some of our Mojito Mojo and add generously to make a unique chilled Key Lime Pie mix or switch it up and add Spiced Chai and Double Apple to make a whole new spin on warm Apple Pie. There’s even a mix for those who strive to keep it simple; just a touch of French Vanilla and you have a complete dessert!

The possibilities are endless! Just don’t forget to tag @Fumari on your Lemon Loaf mixes for a chance to be featured on our page and mix series!

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