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Featured Flavor: Aloha Mango

Featured Flavor: Aloha Mango

9th Jun 2020

By Rob Pecoraro (@dudewheresmyhookah)

Aloha and welcome back to the blog #FumariFamily! The island life has always been a huge inspiration for us here at Fumari and that inspiration has boiled over into our new take on what mango means in regards to hookah!

While tropical flavors are no stranger to the Fumari lineup, Aloha Mango is our version of the Hawaiian Luau personified and ready to partner up with our other island-inspired classics in true nirvana. In what can only be described as serenity in a bag, we pushed to give the hookah community and market the best iteration of mango available. What you can expect from our Aloha Mango is a freshly carved up and exquisitely ripe mango perched on top of an ice-cold glass of its own juices, perfect for a warm day. With notes of true mango nectar and an almost tropical mango tea vibe, Aloha Mango will surely be the epitome of island paradise in your hookah bowl.

Aloha Mango Hookah Tobacco Pairing Tips Aside from a cozy hammock and a pair of our Fumari Shades, Aloha Mango pairs well with virtually any summer drink and snack you can throw at it. Our top choice for a drink pairing comes in the form of Blue Moon’s Mango Wheat Beer which will only amplify the natural tones of the flavor and surely leave you buzzing about the beach in more ways than one. However for those looking to enjoy this flavor while working or living the busy life we all live, a fresh cup of mango black tea with a dollop of honey aside some smoky Kalua Pork will surely be the best decision you’ve made all day.

Aloha Mango Hookah Tobacco Mixes As much as we could smoke Aloha Mango a la carte, it absolutely excels with everything in our flavor lineup. Add some WGB for an instant Mango Chip mix to keep it simple or go above and beyond with 40% Aloha Mango, 20% Mojito Mojo, 10% French Vanilla, and 30% Caribbean Colada for a unique spin on the traditional Pina Colada Fumari style. Although, our favorite mix for this flavor has to be “Ohana” - a blend of 20% Double Apple, 20% Island Papaya, and 60% Aloha Mango. This mix is rich in bold flavors while harmonizing on the island vibe, and just as Ohana is defined, it is welcoming for all of our extended family.

Have a mix or shot of you enjoying Aloha Mango you would like featured? Tag us @Fumari on Instagram and share the love with us!

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