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The F-Files #4: Yusaf Babar

The F-Files #4: Yusaf Babar

9th Jul 2021

  Ever dreamt about opening a hookah lounge? How about partnering up with NBA Hall Of Famer Shaquille O'Neal? Well, in this Fumari file you can meet a man who did both! Georgia-based hookah lounge owner Yusaf of Sha-Hooquah Lounge desired it and did it. Learn more about what it takes to open a hookah lounge and how he linked up with Shaq in our latest Fumari File.   NAME: Yusaf Babar LOCATION: Stockbridge, GA. OCCUPATION: Lounge owner (Sha-Hooqah Lounge)
FAVORITE QUOTE? My favorite quote is, “Everything happens for a reason.”
FIRST HOOKAH EXPERIENCE? My first hookah experience was while visiting my family in Pakistan around thirteen years ago. After dinner, we all came together and had hookah and tea.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING HOOKAH? I have been smoking hookah for five years. However, my introduction to hookah was in Atlanta-based clubs.
FAVORITE FUMARI FLAVOR OR MIX? My favorite Fumari mix has to be Watermelon and RGB.
HOW DID YOU BECOME A LOUNGE OWNER? Being in the entertainment business for over ten years, I have seen and learned the business, I had always desired to open a lounge, and I decided to open it in the area of the southside of Atlanta where there was a lack of hookah lounges in the community of Henry County Georgia.
HOW DID SHAQUILLE O'NEAL BECOME INVOLVED? I had actually met Shaq years ago; however, we would run into each other all time and eventually became cool. Shaq loved the lounge, and we decided to go into a partnership. We changed the name. We changed the lounge name to Sha-Hooqah by adding the letter “q” instead of the traditional spelling with a “k,” so it spelled out his name Shaq and made the logo with a basketball on top and the rest is history.
CAN YOU SAY MORE ABOUT SHAQ'S INVOLVEMENT IN THE LOUNGE? DOES HE EVER STOP BY THE LOUNGE? Shaq plays an intricate role in the lounge. Our partnership was a no-brainer, primarily because we operate in the same spirit of excellence. Shaq stops by the lounge a few times throughout the week after filming or when he makes it back in town from traveling.
WHAT'S THE HOOKAH SCENE LIKE OUT IN GEORGIA? Hookah is very, very popular in Georgia. It has come to the point that if a restaurant doesn’t have hookah, people will get up and go somewhere else because people want to eat and smoke some hookah at the same time. People want to have hookah everywhere.
ADVICE FOR ANYONE JUST GETTING STARTED (IN THE INDUSTRY) NOW? You have to put in the groundwork. You have to give it your all to make sure you make an honest hookah for the customer to have a memorable hookah session. Stay focused on the goal and even though you will run into certain obstacles, never give up.
WHAT DO YOU LOVE THE MOST ABOUT HOOKAH SMOKING? The relaxing vibe that you can enjoy with friends and family similar to when I smoke cigars


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