Cloud|Micro Hookah by Shishabucks

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The Cloud|Micro Hookah, designed by Shishabucks in Toronto, Canada, is all base (uses only a downstem). It stands just 8 inches tall, and due to its advanced design, this premium hookah will blow you away with its top of the line performance. Enjoy smoke sessions with an effortless, open draw and great cloud output. The square, thick acrylic base gives you a peace of mind knowing it won't easily crack or shatter like glass. But we should mention it's virtually impossible to tip this hookah. The anodized aluminum downstem features a diffuser with purge lock. Summing up the Cloud|Micro, it's the perfect travel hookah. Just pack all the parts of the hookah inside the acrylic base, put it into the travel bag that's included, and transport it anywhere.

Also includes 1 silicone hose with 3-piece aluminum handle and grommet.



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Additional Information
8 inches (20.32 cm) tall
Thick Acrylic, 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) tall
Anondized Aluminum downstem only
No Tray Needed
Not included
Silicone hose with aluminum handle, 72 inches (182.88 cm) long
Easy, air-tight grommet fitted attachments
Also Includes:
Bowl grommet
Clean with the warm, soapy water. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals on anodized aluminum.
Works With:
Hookah bowls with smaller stem openings, large brush set
Cloud|Micro Hookah by Shishabucks-CloudMicro Black

1 Review

  • Very nice hookah......just don't pay for 2 day delivery.

    Posted by Michael on 2nd Nov 2019

    This is the nicest hookah I've ever owned. Very sleek and well build. I purchased sheesh with regular shipping and The Next Day ordered this beautiful rig. My sheesh came a full two days before my hookah that I paid an extra $20 for 2 day shipping. You've been warned about delivery.

Cloud|Micro Hookah by Shishabucks-CloudMicro Black

Cloud|Micro Hookah by Shishabucks

Was: $190.00
Now: $180.50
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