Fumari Hookah M120 (v2)

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Iconic design. Modern utility. The M120 Hookah (v2) is the first introduction to Fumari's modern line of hookahs. Constructed with quality Stainless Steel and superior attention to detail, the M120 stands at a total height of 24-inches. It features an open draw for a smooth inhale, and a 5-bearing purge valve system that clears out smoke with ease. This hookah comes complete with a diffuser, kink-resistant 69-inch soft silicone hose, and glass base.




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  • Grommet for Bowl
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Additional Information
Size Class:
24 inches (61 cm) Total Height
11 inches (28 cm)
Stainless Steel with Acrylic Cover - 21.5 inches (54.6 cm) total length with downstem
8 inches (20.5 cm) wide, Stainless Steel
Not included. Works with most bowls.
Soft Silicone with Stainless Steel Handle - 69 inches (175 cm) Total Length
Drop-in style Base with Grommet.
Also Includes:
Diffuser, Base Grommet
Works With:
Gallivant Bag
Wash all parts with warm water and soap regularly. Inside of base and stem is also recommended to be cleaned with a brush set.
Fumari Hookah M120

4 Reviews

  • A Modern Introduction

    Posted by Jacob on 4th Dec 2022

    I don't usually go for the more modern designs, too stuck in my ways, but this one I like. Great performance, great clouds, easy to clean. A nice balance of modern and traditional form and function. The only aspect I don't like is the flat-ish tray, so I swapped it out for something with a little more edge to it.


    Posted by Giovanna on 17th Nov 2022

    This hookah is absolutely stunning! The purge is like a beautiful rainfall of smoke as you clear your hookah, it is absolutely stunning!

  • Great elegant hookah

    Posted by Nora on 16th Nov 2022

    Performs amazing clouds & easy to clean. One of the best modern hookahs I've owned. Highly recommend if you're in search of a new hookah especially for the price.

  • Great Hookah need a little refinement

    Posted by Christopher on 10th Nov 2021

    This is by far one of the better hookahs I have smoked out of. Solid clouds good flavor and easy to maintain. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to up their hookah game but dont want to drop 500 on a hookah. I do have two points to make though: the grommet to base should be replaced with a thread on and there needs to be a diffuser at the bottom of the down stem.

Fumari Hookah M120

Fumari Hookah M120 (v2)

Was: $200.00
Now: $175.00
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