Backed by the crème del la crème of top lounges and hookah companies, this unique event brings together hookah gurus from across the globe to compete for the coveted title of "Best Hookah Master." Hookah masters are individuals who know the ins and outs of hookah preparation, and specialize in perfecting the process via the meticulous blending of art and science. Through creative exploration and diligent testing, hookah masters use various hookah setups and flavor combinations to deliver the ultimate smoking experience. It's a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

Each team of participants who enters the battle arena is assessed by a panel of judges who will evaluate their hookahs according to the following criteria: hookah aesthetics, hookah functionality, flavor, and smokeability. The winner will receive a grand prize, and remaining contestants will also be awarded for their efforts.

And the best part about all of this? Our sponsorship will support this amazing event throughout 2019! So, keep your eyes peeled as we will continually update this post throughout the coming year.

HookahBattle Slavic Cup 2018


HookahBattle Christmas Cup 2018