Hookah Etiquette

Be nice. Always pass the hose with the mouthpiece pointed away from the next person. It's considered respectful in Middle Eastern cultures.

Be humble. Avoid placing your Hookah on top of a table. Besides it being a potential fire hazard, it's also the equivalent of saying "kiss my..." in Syria.

Be worldly. When finished smoking, wrap the hose around your Hookah. It's the traditional way to signal you're done.

Be wise. Try not to light a cigarette from the hot coals on a Hookah. You guessed it. It's disrespectful in certain Mid East countries. But really, nobody wants to see what you'd look like without eyebrows. Save everyone the trouble and use a lighter.

Be safe. Use your own mouthpiece when smoking with strangers.

The Hookah, for centuries, has been about sharing the good times with good Friends. Fumari thanks you for keeping the tradition alive.