Hookah Buying Guide

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about hookah buying we hear from our customers at Fumari.

What is the difference between a brass and a stainless steel shaft? Stainless steel is shinier and lighter compared to a brass stem and they are usually recommended for home use while the brass pipes are suggested more for lounges.

What size Hookah should I buy? Hookah pipe smoking is usually a group activity and that is something important to consider when it comes to choosing the size of the Hookah. Smaller sized Hookah pipes can be used by an individual easily; the size and weight of a larger Hookah makes it the more stable and therefore better for group use.

Does the size of the Hookah matter or affect the quality of the smoke? All Hookahs sold at Fumari, big and small, are tested in our Hookah lounge for smoke quality before they're offered for sale on our website. The size you select is a personal preference and will deliver excellent smoke.

What makes some Hookahs more expensive than other ones? Some of our Hookahs have specially designed stems, bohemian glass, leather hoses, fancy tongs, ceramic bowl (matching with the hose or glass base color), and a carrying case with a combination lock. These are all updates to the original design. Our Egyptian Hookahs are hand-crafted and come with either a stainless steel stem or a brass stem made in a very traditional design that has remained true to the Hookah's origin. All of our Hookahs, from Old School to Showcase, are very durable and will function extremely well.

How long does flavored Hookah tobacco last? When stored properly (room temperature and sealed air-tight), our tobacco stays fresh for 1 year after the month you ordered it.