Sleek Hookah Hose (Metal Tip)

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Sleek Hookah Hose (Metal Tip)

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Simple, yet uncompromised, functionality. The Sleek Hookah Hose with Metal Tip is extremely nimble and delivers optimal airflow. Its quality inside steel casing allows it to be more flexible without sparing durability. The small handle is just a preference, but makes it easy to coil up and pack on-the-go. This 72 incher (182.88 cm) is perfect for passing around, and the light-weight construction makes it a great choice for any hookah pipe.

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Material Leather, stainless steel inside casing
Airflow medium-tight
Length 72 inches (182.88 cm)
Works With Any size hookah
Care Hang when not in use, Non-washable
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  1. Hoes metal tip
    It's nic but mine came with glue all over it and looks very cheap

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