Fumari Odorless Hookah Charcoal - 20 Pieces


Fumari Odorless Hookah Charcoal - 20 Pieces
Sized for trial. 20 is plenty to get through a 100 gram pack of tobacco.

Fumari Odorless Hookah Coal is an odorless and smokeless Japanese charcoal (not to be confused with Chinese). It's tasteless, and since these coals have an optimized heat output, they protect the flavor of Fumari tobacco by not charring it. These coals light easily and quickly. Each square piece of coal will last about 15 minutes.
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Additional Information

Type Japanese
Dimensions 1" x 1" x 0.5"
Heat Emittance Medium
Use Indoor / Outdoor
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews (2)

Not that great  review by  Kiran
I was expecting them to be really good coals but they barely made it up to my expectation. They are kind of odorless and clean in a way but I couldn't start up my hookah with these. I even put two charcoals on and it wouldn't work. It took me forever to even light up the coal to begin with. I'll stick to my Three Kings Charcoals... Sorry Fumari, I love everything else about you!
(Posted on 12/16/2016)
Turning Japanese  review by  Smokin Joe
I smoke with many coals and will never truly pick one because the way I pack a bowl can vary. But don't forget about these and don't assume because they're not the "hot" coal on the scene they are somehow not a good fit. I find that when looking for a low heat option these are a great compliment. Plus I like to smoke indoors at times and they are low maintenance.
(Posted on 3/8/2016)