Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase tobacco products or visit Fumari Hookah Lounge.

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Hookah How-To

When setting up and smoking your Hookah, it's important to first understand the fundamental parts of the Hookah and how it works.

Glass Base - smoke chamber that is partially filled with water

Bowl - contains the tobacco and coals on top to heat the tobacco

Stem (Shaft) - connects the bowl to the base by a pipe that descends into the water

Hose - connects to a second tube in the pipe which extends into the smoke chamber.

Plate - tray to catch fallen coals

Grommets - keeps connecting parts air-tight

Valve - outlet for stale smoke to escape the base when blowing into the hose


How The Hookah Works:
Heated charcoal is placed on a piece of perforated aluminum foil covering the tobacco in the bowl. When one inhales through the hose, a pressure difference forces air past the coal, heating the tobacco, which gives off smoke. The smoke is pulled down from the tobacco, and bubbles up through the water into the air of the base. From there, it is drawn through the hose and inhaled. Passing through the water partially filters tar and particulates from the tobacco smoke in addition to cooling it.


How To Use a Hookah:

Separate the glass base from the stem. While some Hookahs have stems that screw into the base, others attach using a rubber sleeve which you will need to twist and pull to separate. Sometimes adding water around the rubber sleeve helps get it apart.

Fill the glass base with cold water. If available, mix in ice for a cooler smoke. When reattaching your stem, the bottom should submerge only 1 to 1.5 inches in the water.

Reattach the stem to the glass base. Make sure the fit is snug and air-tight with a rubber grommet. Then attach your Hookah hose (using a grommet to make sure it is air-tight).

Place the Hookah tray on top of the stem.

Pinch and sprinkle some Fumari tobacco in your bowl (don't let the tobacco amount reach over the top of the bowl). Create a pencil-width hole in the center of the tobacco to help get the air flowing.

Wrap foil over the top of the bowl and make small holes in a cylindrical fashion using your poker. When done, place the bowl on top of the stem and make sure it is air-tight with a grommet.

Double check all attaching parts of your Hookah - hose, bowl and stem - ensuring they are firmly connected and air-tight using rubber grommets. (Place your hand on top of the Hookah's bowl and then inhale through the hose. You should feel a pull at your hand and see bubbles in the water. If not, you most likely have an air leak).

Light up a few coals until they're red-hot and place them around the edge of the bowl using some tongs (burn the coals over the center of the bowl after the tobacco around the edges has been burned).

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Add new hot coals later, as needed, to keep the Hookah going.